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Arms Procurement – The Need of India

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Arms Procurement – Need of India

The Indian defence has been seen a bit focused toward the enhancement and bringing modernisation in it to make it competitive with other emerging nations and becoming efficient to deter the emerging powers. The defence budget for the year 2017-18 will be 2.74 lakh Crore and the main focus will be the modernisation of the Armed Forces by indigenous manufacturing along with the procurement of the new weapons.
The manufacturing and advancement is being trusted. But still several operational gaps are there in the Armed Forces. Talking about the Indian Air Force, it requires 42-44 squadrons to handle a tough war with China or Pakistan. Right now, it possesses just 33 squadrons, including 11 squadrons of Mig -21 and 27. The pending deal of Rafale and the ordered stock of Tejas will boost the dearth of the aircraft in the Indian Air Force. While the Indian army need 814 mounted gun and 1,580 towed guns and 180 wheeled and 100 tracked self-propelled guns. The requirement of 127 Medium Altitude, Long Endurance drones is also seen in the Armed Forces.
India has taken certain steps in the same way. As per the sources, the Indian Air Force has seals 43 contracts costing about Rs 9000 Crore and Indian army has signed 10 contracts worth Rs 5300 Crore. Some of the key deals are for the spare part of the Sukhoi, Mirage, MIG planes serving in the Indian Air Force, transport aircraft like IL-76, Phalcon AWACS etc.
Why India needs to strengthen the role of the Armed Forces?
          Constant interference of China and Pakistan in political affairs.
          Growing terror attacks.
          ISIS links in India.
          Old weapons with high casualty rate.
India is found linked toward several nations in order to thrust up its defence status. Israel has been seen inclined toward India for a collaboration to produce small range and medium range missiles, while U.S is in talks with India to manufacture a production line of F-16 aircraft in India. Chinook, Apache, M-777 howitzer and some other guns are there which India has ordered and US has shown its consent to deliver it. Russia the old friend of India has also stepped forward in supporting Indian defence. China recently has come closer to Russia after it sealed a deal with Russia for Su-35 aircraft. India’s membership in MTCR has taken India to a next level of the missile production and added some power in India’s hands. India has also signed a key deal with Russia for purchasing S-400 Air Defence Systems from Russia, which will be a great step toward safer skies.
Conclusion – The defence field of India is taking a new turn and making a fully armed with advanced weapons. The high pace of modernisation and the expanding rate of weapon procurement indicates the preparedness of India. The deals that India has signed with other nations for weapons procurement is going up and the move is seen as a step toward strong and bold nation.

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