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All About First Indigenous 9mm Machine Pistol ‘Asmi’

India is always in talks with several countries because of its army weapons and equipment. For several years, the Indian army was unable to replace its weapon vintage Sterling carbine- the one that entered during the World War 2 closing stage. This weapon is used to fire 9×19 cartridges. From Pinaka MLRS to Asmi and Kali to Aruval, India has given unique names to the best creations of the Indian Military.

Here, we will read about the popular Asmi weapon of India

All About First Indigenous 9mm Machine Pistol ‘Asmi’.

With the support of DRDO, the Indian Army has jointly created India’s first indigenous 9mm machine pistol named “Asmi”. The man behind the thought is PM Modi and his vision of India to be “Atmanirbhar Bharat”. 

An army officer has designed the prototype of a 9 mm submachine gun- Asmi. Asmi is designed by Lt Colonel Prasad Bansod of MHow-based Infantry School of the Indian Army.  

Specifications of Indigenous 9mm Machine Pistol 

1. Weight of the gun:  1.7-2 kg (empty)

2. Barrel Length: 203.2 mm 

3. Action: Straight Blowback 

4. Cartridge: 9X19mm Parabellum 

5Rate of Fire: 600 rounds/min 

6. Effective Firing Range: 100 m 

7. Sights:  Picatinny Rail Provided 

8. Feed System: 33 Round Glock Magazine  

Asmi’s prototype was produced in four months, collaborating with DRDO’s Pune-based Armament Research and Development Establishment (ARDE). After testing the weapon, that involves a fire test of 300 bullets in every round. Further, a miniature version of Asmi is less than 1.2kg of the actual size of Asmi. 

This weapon works on the simple blow jack principle and consists of a 33-round high-capacity magazine with a range of 100 meters. The rate of fire for the machine is 600 rounds per minute. The Indian Army will soon file a patent and look for a mass production partner.

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