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How to Join Indian Air Force Academy

Indian Air Force Academy – the premium training center of the Indian Air Force and a dream of many aspiring Air Force officers in India. The AFA is a place of training for pilots along with Technical and Ground Duty officers of the Indian Air Force. 

The Air Force Academy laid its foundation in 1971 at Dundigal and has gained popularity and reputation as the most premium institute of the Indian Air Force. The center is located around 43 km from Hyderabad.

In this article, we will share with you all the information on how to join the Indian Air Force Academy and the requirements for the selection. 

How to Join Indian Air Force Academy

The Indian Air Force is the training institute for Flying, Technical and Ground Duty Branches and flying training centers for Army and Navy officers. The primary role of this academy is to train officers mentally and physically to take responsibility as Air Force officers. 

Not only this, but AFA also trains officers on the discipline, etiquette and code of conduct that they should inherit. Activities like debates, book reviews, competitions, public speaking, weapon training, swimming, Yoga, field craft training, and other cultural activities are a part of training at AFA. The academy focuses on the overall development of a trainee. 

Top Ways to Join the Air Force Academy are: 

1. Through National Defense Academy 

Male students who have passed 12th Boards are eligible to apply for AFA through NDA. For selection in AFA, a student must complete three years at NDA, Khadakwasla and then get to AFA for Stage-1 flying training. 

Note: Students can only join the flying branch through NDA if they have opted for IAF. 

2. Through NCC SE ( Both Men and Women) 

If you are a National Cadet Corps Air Wing Senior Division’ C’ Certificate holder, you can apply for the Flying Batch of the Indian Air Force. Both men and women can join the AFA and train as flying officers to get a Permanent Commission through the NCC mode of entry.  

You can check the notification on the main website of AFCAT CDAC


Boys and girls can join the flying, Technical and Ground Duty courses through AFCAT as well. The administration conducts the entrance exam twice a year in Feb and August. 

4. Through CDSE 

CDSE is the entrance exam conducted by UPSC to apply for the flying branch in AFA. It happens twice a year and only for men. 

5. Meteorology Branch 

A Meteorology Branch Officer must handle the latest satellite imagery and monitoring equipment. You are responsible for all the information and advice the operators give on weather-related things. 

Any student can apply for this post after Post Graduation. You can visit the official AFCAT CDAC website for more details. 

Types of Training at Air Force Academy 

1. Flying Training 

If you are appointed for the Flying Branch in IAF, your training is divided into Stage I, II and Stage III. Through every stage, you will get more complex training levels in aviation. Before they trigger your flying training, you will get technical training on a trainer aircraft; it involves theoretical learning of the aircraft with a practical demonstration further on all the systems. Moreover, the student must take the aviation medicine program and undergo a de-sensitization program for sickness prevention. 

Flying training is essential for candidates/trainees from NDA, NCC or other universities. They are first sent to the Pre-Flying training School at Begum pet for the initial months before Stage 1 of training. 

I Stage: 24 weeks of training in which pilots trainees comes into three sections- Fighter, Transport and Helicopter streams.

II Stage: 24 weeks of training in their respective Flying Training Establishment

III Stage: successful completion of training gives pilot trainees who are now commissioned as Officers to begin operational flying.  

2. Air Traffic Control Officers Training 

The Air Traffic Officers Training Establishment is responsible for training Air Traffic Control Courses. All the things related to training are designed and structured according to the International Civil Aviation (ICAO) procedures. Moreover, many military aviation requirements are further added into the syllabus. 

Both theoretical and practical training consisrs in the Basic Air Traffic Controller Course (BATCO). The physical activity involves training on a Visual Tower Stimulator (VITOSIM). 

3. Ground Duty Officers Training 

People applying for Ground Duty establishments like logistics, Accounts, Meteorology Branch or Education also get special training at the Air Force Academy for one year. Despite their regular training, candidates also undergo rigorous military training to prepare them for any sudden challenges in future. 

4. Joint Service Training 

The cadets’ initial phase of military training involves inheriting traits like Unity of Objective, understanding of other branches and a sense of mission. Moreover, this training involves sections like leadership, General Administration, logistics, engineering, and management covering generic matters. 

In short, after getting selected in any of the given entrance tests, you can fulfil your dream of joining the Air Force Academy and choose your position. 

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