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Social Qualities That Every Aspirant Must Inculcate

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There are several aspects that are accessed in the SSB. A candidate is checked to the depth of his behavior, mental and physical endurance in the span of 5 days through several tests and techniques. Out of all, the social qualities are those which are observed immediately and are the first to impact the people. The social qualities show your matching quotient with the officer like qualities. There are certain behavioral ups and downs in the personality of a person. But officers have certain common qualities in them.

How to Observe

It is very easy. Just observe the officers you meet or the recommended candidates or those going under training. Match your behavioral aspects with them and you will find the place you are lacking. Armed forces aspirants can easily distinguish the attitude and behavior of the officers in the crowd. What makes them special in the crowd is their social qualities.

Moving ahead to the qualities, these basic qualities are:-


A cooperative personality is always required in the armed forces. Who not only lead the team but simultaneously takes the team with him. A bonding and cooperation between the upper lower and subordinate class makes you the most compatible person and so is required in the armed forces.

Flexibility in Nature

The armed forces are the only profession where the situations, environmental conditions, various kind of people to handle. You have to be adaptable and mixing up in all kind of situations. Keep on learning everywhere you go. Learning never ends, be it any experience, moral or any knowledge exchanged from others.

Limited Attitude

Too casual, too strict and too serious or took laughing attitude fits some other profession, not the army. Keep all these qualities in a limited amount and perform as per the situations and conditions.

Always cheerful and motivated

Your self-introspection will show you whether you get down in tough situations or maintain yourself in stressful situations. If you can’t then ask others, your siblings, parents, friend etc. they must have observed you in stressful situations. If yes then keep yourself calm. Just keep one thing in mind, whenever you find a problem, start finding its solutions, rather than freaking or yelling.

How to Inculcate

Adding something to your personality is all up to you. The simplest method is to slowly add those things into your casual behavior in your day to day life to make it a habit. You can’t change yourself in a day or a week. Remember, SSB is not an exam, it is a fool proof personality based interview.

“It is not bad to fail; rather it is worst to give up. “

Everybody is not perfect. It is commonly observed that most of the recommendations come from the repeaters. This is because they find and overcome their short comings. The social qualities can only be inculcated by performing them in the social group. So consider these and try to absorb them in your personality to bring out that first impression of the SSB crew.


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