9 Special Forces of India That You Must Know

Being on top isn’t something that happens in a day or two; it requires years of practice and expertise. And being in the world’s top 3 armies requires the capability to be in that position. It is the special forces of India in the military that is responsible for getting a place in the top 3 armies of the world. 

And in this article, we will mention the 9 Special Forces of India that every Indian must know. 

9 Special Forces of India That You Must Know


In a country that always comes under threat from neighbouring countries, its safety is not an easy task. MARCOS is one such special force founded by the Indian Navy in 1987. This particular unit functions in direct action, special reconnaissance, counter-terrorism, and amphibious warfare.

Moreover, MARCOS has the most strict and rigorous training in the work in which all the candidates need to be tough both mentally and physically.


Founded in 2004, GARUD is a particular unit and a part of the Indian Air Force. GARUD has the most extended training program duration among other Indian Air Forces. The entire time of the course before you become a fully operational GARUD is almost three years. 

His duties involve protecting the Air Force Bases, missions related to air operations, and rescue operations during emergencies.


The COBRA stands for Commando Battalion For Resolute Action. It is a special unit of the Central Reserve Police Force- a team made for fighting Naxalism in India. Above all, being a special defence force of the Indian Army, the officers belonging to this section are trained in guerrilla warfare. 


Just as the meaning of this name in Hindi is “killer,” this unique platoon has the work of killing and fore-front killing in front of the battalion. And in the Indian Army, one pantaloon is assigned to each infantry battalion who is the most capable, fittest, and motivated one among the rest. 

Moreover, the GHATAKS are also trained to handle terrorist attacks, counter-insurgency operations, direct attacks, and any type of hostage situation.

5. SPG (Special Protection Group)

SPG stands for the Special Protection Group and is a security force whose job is to serve the Government of India to safeguard the Prime Minister of India, the Former Prime Minister of India, and their close family members. 

Their significant duties involve gathering information, predicting future threats, and providing protection. With a remarkable track record and performance, they are undoubtedly the best in their job. 

6. NSG (National Security Guard)

The National Security Guard is the most premium unit of the Indian Army. Being a counter-terrorist force, they serve VIPs, do anti-sabotage checks, and for securing all the vital installations from threats.

7. PARA Commando 

Para Commando is one of the most prestigious and highly-specialized Parachute Regiment of our Indian Army. It came into existence in 1966; this unit covers the most significant section of the country’s Special Forces. And they also come under India’s oldest airborne.

8. Force One  

This force came into existence after the horrifying terrorist attack of 26/11 in Mumbai. Certainly, its primary role is to safeguard the city of Mumbai from terrorist attacks and predict any future threats.

The special thing about this unit is its response time for any strike, less than 15 minutes. 

9. SFF (Special Frontier Force)

Special Frontier Force is a unit that was brought as an after-effect of the 1962 Sino-Indian war. Their work was to handle secret operations in war with China. They didn’t serve the main objective of their work, but they indeed did tremendous work in special operations as a counter-insurgency force.  

This covert military force operates under RAW- India’s external intelligence agency and has direct contact with the Prime Minister. They communicate to the PM via the Directorate General of Security in the Cabinet Secretariat. 

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