Do’s and Don’ts of SSB Interview

SSB is one of the most competitive and difficult entrances that every candidate has to give in order to join the Armed Forces of India. It comes with many hurdles and challenges that students must cross to reach the final round and get selected for the Indian Army, Navy and Air Force. 

SSB interview is a lengthy interview process divided into a 5-day schedule. Each candidate is rated and given remarks based on their performance. So, it is important for every candidate to perform well in all the sections, whether group or individual tasks or personal interviews. The selection committee checks an individual’s body language, analytical skills, body language, mental state, and many other things. 

Today’s guide will help you improve your SSB interview by sharing the important dos and don’ts. Let’s begin with the process. 

Do’s and Don’ts of SSB Interview

1. Do Not Get Nervous While Answering Personal Questions 

During your interview, it is evident that you will be asked about your personal life and questions related to your family as well. These questions come in rapid-fire tests, which you have to answer without taking much time. Many students get aggressive or sensitive when asking such questions or raise their voices while answering them. Make sure that you do not make this mistake and keep your tone decent. 

2. Mistakes During Screen Test To Avoid 

A screening test is the first test of the SSB interview that a candidate has to give on the very first day. After clearing the written examination for entrances like CDS or NDA, students are selected for reporting. Students have to reach their assigned locations at the given time. 

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The test consists of two parts: the OIR test and the PP & DT test, where students make most of the mistakes. Here are the things to take care of: 

  • Asking for the picture more than once if not able to decode. 
  • Try thinking of something else rather than watching the picture for 30 seconds. 
  • Try to understand the first stage and write the answer carefully. 

3. Sitting and Dressing Wrongly 

The most important things about an SSB interview that most of the students forget are the dress and your overall personality and etiquette. But you have to ensure you do not repeat the mistake of not dressing up correctly and not following basic etiquette. 

Students can be asked for their interview on any day. Male candidates should be in a shirt and pants tie. The sitting posture should be correct with a straight back. Students must always learn the right way to crack the interview. 

Avoiding small mistakes can lead to better selection chances. Throughout the time, you should be calm and patient. These do’s and don’t will help you crack the interview and get your desired job. 

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