AR (Assam Rifles)

    AR (Assam Rifles)

    Assam Rifles is a Para Military Force of the Union of India, which is raised on military lines to supplement the armed forces of India in war and peace.

    Over the years, the Assam Rifles has acquired a role ranging from police duties to a multi-dimensional profile. Its role includes counter-insurgency operations, guarding the Indo-Myanmar and Indo-China border and providing aid to civil authorities when need arises. To achieve excellence in its role, the Training of the men is paramount in the Force.

    Established in 1835 as the Cachar Levy to maintain peace in the northeastern region, 1917 it became the Assam Rifles. It is organised, equipped and trained on the pattern of the Army.


    Assam Rifles Flag

    What Are The Roles of Assam Rifles (AR)?

    The Deputy Inspector General of the rank of Brigadier heads Assam Rifles Sectors. The Deputy Inspector General is assisted by a Colonel (Operation and Coordination) of the Colonel and Commandant (Administration) rank.

    Assam Rifles’ units are commanded by a Colonel, who is known as the Commandant. The Commandant is assisted by the Second-in-command (2IC), Adjutant Quartermaster and other officers, besides a medical component.

    The overall control of the Assam Rifles will be vested with the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India, through the Directorate General of Assam Rifles, which will be an officer of the rank of Lieutenant General belonging to the regular Army.

    Training Of Assam Rifles

    The motto of the Assam Rifles is “Friends of the Hill People” in the hilly terrains of the northeastern states.

    They undergo the following training part:

    Physical Training, Medical Training, survival & tactical Training, leadership development, Specialized training etc. Before the beginning of each training year, the Directorate General Assam Rifles (DGAR) issues a General Training Directive to Inspectorate Generals Assam Rifles. This directive will lay down the policy governing training throughout the Assam Rifles during the ensuing training year.

    Overall responsibility for Assam Rifles training is vested with the Training Branch under Brigadier General Staff (Brig (GS)) at DGAR.

    A certain number of selected Officers, Subordinate Officers, Under Officers and other enrolled persons may be sent abroad to attend courses. The aim of sending persons abroad is to keep in touch with the latest developments and teachings in other countries and to make use of facilities for Training that may
    not exist in India.

    Assam Rifles personnel undergo regular courses like skill updates and advanced Training throughout their careers to stay proficient and adaptable to evolving threats and techniques.

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