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INDO-USA Joint Exercise Yudh Abhyas-2017 Begins

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On the path of Indo-US defense co-operation, a joint military Exercise Yudh Abhyas 2017 is being conducted. The joint military training is being conducted at Joint Base Lewis McChord, Washington. The Yudh Abhyas 2017 will be conducted from 14 to 27 September 2017.

The Indo-USA joint exercise is initiated to learn the tactical skills in the counter-terrorist operations and counter-insurgency. During the two-week exercise tenure, soldiers from both the countries will share their tactical skills under a joint brigade. This is the 13th Edition of joint Exercise which is hosted alternatively by both the countries.

About Yugh Abhyas 2017 Exercise?

Yudh Abhyas is a joint military exercise between India & USA which provides a common platform to train the soldiers from both the countries with the integrated manner.

The exercise will showcase the scenario where both the troops will jointly carry out operations against terrorist in a fictitious format. This joint exercise not only helps the countrymen to learn new tactical skills but also helps to build a strong relationship between the two countries.

During the Yudh Abhyas 2017 Exercise, both the countries come forward to train together and gain together from each other’s operational expertise. At the end of the joint exercise, the two countries will run an expert military and academic discussion, sharing the experiences of both the countries along with the topics of mutual benefits.

During the start of Joint exercise, the Indian contingent was represented by soldiers of Gorkha Rifles of Surya Command, whereas the US side it was represented by the company of 5th Infantry Battalion from 20 Infantry Regiment.

Major general Willard M Burleson, GOC 7th Infantry Div, US Army welcomed the Indian troops and shared highlighted the common beliefs of freedom, equality that are common between the two nations.

Last year, Yudh Abhyas 2016 was held in Uttarakhand’s Chaubattia under the Central Command. About 225 soldiers of US Army take part in the joint exercise along with the similar count if Indian army troops. The other procedure of following a fictitious operation is always the same that brings the troops of two countries to come together and tackle the situation with improved skills and leadership.

Recent Military Exercise: Malabar 2017

In July 2017, the Malabar Exercise was carried out between India, Japan, and the USA. Malabar Exercise is an opportunity for India to build a strong position in the Indian Ocean ahead of China’s standoff.  The 21st edition of Malabar series was held in the Bay of Bengal. It was a 7-day exercise that started from 10 July to 17 July.

During the exercise, nearly 16 ships, two submarines, and more than 95 aircraft from all the three countries participated in the exercise.

Final Verdict:

The inter-country military exercises are highly important to build military strength and create a trust flow among the countries. This also bestows the military with the advanced tactics that are being used by other countries.

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