9 Tips to Prepare for English Section for CDSE [CDS English Preparation]

CDSE, or the Combined Defense Service Examinations, is an entrance exam under the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) for recruiting Commissioned Officers in the Indian Army, Navy and Air Force Academy. The exam is held twice a year to recruit the best and most eligible candidates physically and mentally capable of being in the defense forces. 

This is why a candidate is examined based on his analytical, interpersonal and intellectual skills. CDSE examination consists of an English section out of many to check students’ communication skills and vocabulary. The section is easy for those who have a firm hold on English. But for those who are nervous about how to crack the English section, we are here to help you. 

Today, we will share with you 9 tips on how to prepare for CDSE’s English Section and get a good score. 

9 Tips to Prepare for English Section for CDSE

English is a very vast subject and requires months of studying to prepare yourself for the CDSE examination. But, with proper time management and topic selection, you can score great in the English section. 

Here are nine tips on how and what to prepare for CDSE:

1. Make a Habit of Reading 

Reading is vital if you appear for the defence force of India as they check both your written and communication skills during the interview. So during preparation, make a habit of reading every day. It can be anything, for example, newspapers, magazines, online articles, or books. In addition, reading will also improve your vocabulary. 

2. Brush Up Your Basic Grammar 

CDSE’s English section has questions that are based on basic grammar rules. If you want to get a good grip on the paper, make sure you are confident about the English Grammar rules. 

3. Solve Previous Year Test Papers 

By practising previous year’s question papers, students get a basic idea of the types and pattern of questions appearing in the exam. You can also buy sample question paper books from the market for additional preparation. 

4. Give Mock Tests 

Giving Mock Tests not only helps you analyze your performance but also makes you take a look at time consumption on every question. For practising time management during your paper, give mock tests every day. 

5. Make Short Notes For Everyday Learning 

You must know what you’ve learned at the end of the day, which is only possible when you make short notes of everything. Writing everything short for revision helps improve understanding and recognition during exam time. 

6. Selecting Topics 

The selection of topics that will prepare for CDSE’s English Portion will determine your scoring during the main exam. Here are the topics you must prepare : 

  • Cloze test 
  • Fill in the blanks 
  • Sentence Arrangement 
  • Vocabulary Based Questions 
  • Word Substitution 
  • Reported Speech 
  • Active/Passive Voice 
  • Idioms/ Phrases 
  • Antonyms and Synonyms 
  • and Spot the errors 

7. Reading Newspaper Daily 

Reading newspapers daily not only helps you improve your reading habits and improve your vocab, but it also keeps you updated with what’s happening in the world. Whether it is sports, national news or political affairs, you must be thorough with all the latest issues across the country. 

8. Make Writing A Daily Habit

Writing and practising every day helps better remember the words that eventually help in the main exam. So make a habit of writing new comments, meanings and sentences related to the world daily. 

9. Everyday Practice is Important 

To maintain the learning rhythm, you must be regular with your study and the tests. Practise your vocab and grammar skills daily to analyze your performance and improve your grip on the subject. 

As a student applying for CDSE, you must be doing all these daily tips that guarantee your success in the finals. But if not, start today, make a tight schedule, and don’t stop till you achieve what you aim for. We wish all the luck to the students appearing for CDSE this year. 

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