What is UES entry in the Indian Navy?

UES or University Entry Scheme is a scheme started by the Indian Navy back in the 1950s. This scheme was only for the Electrical Branch of engineering when it was created in the 1950s, but later on, it went to all branches of engineering. Those students want to join the Indian Navy as Permanent Commissioned Officers (PC).

Here are all the details about UES Entry and how to apply for the Indian Navy through UES. 

What is the University Entry Scheme (UES)?

UES is an entry scheme through which a candidate from a technical branch can enter the Indian Army and Indian Navy without any written examination. Candidates who are in their Pre-Final of their Engineering Course from any recognized Colleges/Universities from the below-mentioned branch: 

  • Education Branch
  • Executive Branch
  • Engineering Branch 
  • Electrical Branch 

With the UES-type entry-level scheme, the administration recruits candidates as officers who come within the age gap of 21 -24 years. However, the board prefers the branches like Mechanical, IT, Electrical and CS more during selection. 

How to Apply for the UES Scheme?  

Any student pursuing B.Tech in the branches required by the Indian Navy with a minimum percentage of 60 or CGPA of 6 can apply for this scheme. As it is a non-UPSC entry, you do not have to give any written examination. 

Students must fill out a registration form on the official website of www.joinindiannavy.gov.in. Further, once they review your application, you will get a call for an interview by a senior administration official. If you clear the round, you will get one step ahead of others. 

The selection process involves grading students on a 4-Point scale in which:

  • A denotes Most Suitable
  • B denotes Suitable
  • C denotes Average
  • And D denotes unsuitable candidates as it is the lowest grade in the system. 

Candidates from A, B and C get a chance to appear for the SSB screening process. If a candidate successfully passes the SSB screening round, they further go for the Medical Test. In the end, administration prepares a final merit list of the students. That is, depending upon the number of posts in the Navy, candidates are informed to join their respective training academies. 

For the candidates coming through UES entry, the initial part of the training happens at the Indian Naval Academy, Kerala. The course name is Naval Orientation Course, which consists of 22 weeks.  

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