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How To Prepare For SSB Without Coaching

SSB stands for Services Selection Board and is one of the most important exams for people who want to get into the Armed Forces of India. More than 10,000 people give the NDA exam, written test and various other parts of the exam every year. And in this article, we will help you plan your study and share some tips to crack SSB without Coaching.  

Many students still believe that to crack the SSB, coaching is quite necessary. But that is not true at all. Any person can break the SSB exam with or without coaching if they are overall prepared for the same. With proper time management and a schedule at home, you can excel in the exam from others. 

How To Prepare For SSB Without Coaching

There are many reasons why a candidate does not opt for tuition for SSB entrance which can be money, time issues or personal problems. e. All you need is a proper schedule, training and knowledge that we will provide you in the article.  

Firstly the SSB is divided into two stages: 

  • Stage 1: Screening 
  • And Stage 2: Final Selection Process 

Stage 1: Screening 

Part 1: On the SSB examination’s Day 1st, every candidate has to give a screening test (Officers Intelligence Rating Test). Each student gets 50 to 55 questions that they have to answer on analytical, linguistic, and mathematical topics. 

You can buy a book for related topics and practice them at home to prepare for screening. 

Part 2: Here comes the second part of Stage 1, in which candidates have to write a story based on a picture given to them. Further, within a group of 10 to 15 candidates, each member has to narrate the story to finalize 1 out of 15. 

For this task, you have to brush up your imagination the moment. Whatever you feel, either positive or negative, just write and make a relevant story. But for a good narration, you have to practice storytelling. Write a few storylines at home as well. 

And for the discussion part, you must be good at sharing thoughts and interacting. Also, the picture given will be blurred so that each candidate will have different observations. To get the best story out of 15 candidates, you must have strong interpersonal skills, vocal skills and understanding. And all these things you can get by practising in an actual environment. 

Second Stage  

The second stage of SSB is more crucial, and only those who pass the first one go to Stage II. 

Part 1: The first task of Stage II is the psychological test to check your psychological skills. In this test, the interview will ask any normal questions or the ones related to different situations to check your logical ability. All you need to do is watch some videos for reference on youtube and be patient while answering your test. 

Another important aspect is handwriting. We do not ask you to do Calligraphy, but simple and easy to understand writing is necessary. It helps make a good impression on the checker, and you might get some extra points as well. 

Part 2: The Personal Interview round is essential for both stages. It is the main encounter between you and the interviewer. 

The interview will be with an officer only who would rate you based on your answers during the interaction. The questions asked by the officer would be essential that you do not need preparations for. If you have any interviews in your school or colleges, it would be very similar. They will ask about your aim, objectives and expectations from being an Armed Forces Officer. 

Tips To Prepare for SSB Tasks

1. For Physical Tasks 

Every candidate needs to start physical exercises before 2 to 3 months of their SSB examination. Regular exercise will make you physically and mentally fit and will also promote good stamina during your actual test.

2. For GTO Tasks 

GTO is the Group Testing Officer task in which candidates have to perform sports in groups of 10 or 15. You can practise leadership skills and must possess the well-being of every candidate as it will help you excel in GTO tasks. 

3. Communication Skills 

Good communication skills are important in each round of the SSB examination. You can practise mock interview sessions with your friends or family and go through some good books to improve your grammar. 

You must have a clear vocal sound and possess confidence while giving answers to the interviewer. 

4. Newspapers for Current Affairs

The SSB candidate must know what’s happening in the country and the significant issues. Daily newspaper reading is a must for a candidate and watching news channels. The interviewer does not want any deep insights, but they must know that you are familiar with the country’s fundamental issues. 

You make yourself ready for the SSB up to 90% and more by going through all the points. All you need is to prepare for your exam with proper guidance, time management and dedication to be an Armed Officer of the country. 

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I love portraying my imagination through my writings and like when people learn from my own perspective. I thrive to write and give a different meaning to the world through my eyes.


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