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List of Individual Obstacles in SSB Interview (GTO)

GTO stands for Group Testing Officers. It is one of the significant parts of SSB interviews and includes all the outdoor tasks a candidate has to perform. GTO tasks play a vital role in determining a candidate’s group skills and leadership qualities. And the individual obstacles in SSB help identify the physical toughness. These tasks are performed on the 3rd or the 4th Day of SSB Screening. 

If you are a student who just applied for the NDA examination, CDS Exam or any direct entry scheme to join the Armed Forces, learn about GTO and individual obstacles before going for your SSB. 

List of Individual Obstacles in SSB Interview (GTO)

During the GTO individual tasks, a candidate gets 3 minutes to overcome as many obstacles as possible to get the best marks. There are around 10 obstacles to perform with certain difficulty levels for each. Candidates are given points for overcoming each barrier. 

Here are the individual obstacles for the GTO task: 

1. Burma Bridge 

Burma Bridge in SSB
Source: Twitter

With a distance of 25ft., candidates have to walk along a rope attached to two poles of 10 ft. It is a difficult and time-consuming task; make sure you hold the rope with a grip and maintain body balance to cover it in one go. 

2. Wall Jump 

Wall Jump in SSB
Source: Quora

In Wall Jump, you have to run up the slope attached to an 8ft wooden wall and climb from it to reach the other side of the ground. Make sure to balance while you run on the slope. 

3. Jump Through Tyre 

Jump Through Tyre in SSB
Source: YouTube

A tire is hung up in the air at the height of 5ft with the help of a rope. Jump off the tire with your feet. A small loop of string is given for grip purposes that you can use to pull yourself off from the tire. 

4. Tarzan Jump 

Tarzan Jump in SSB
Source: Centurion Defence Academy

From a platform of height of 10 ft, hold a rope and jump off like a Tarzan to reach the marked area on the land. The task is not as easy as it sounds, so make sure you do it with full attention. 

5. Double Ditch 

Double Ditch in SSB
Source: Quora

The task involves reaching to the other side of the ground, having two ditches with two ditches of measure 8ft*3ft and 4ft*3ft lying on the ground, which a candidate has to cross without touching. For the first one, you need to use the hanging rope to cross the ditch and jump for the second one. 

6. Tiger Leap 

Climb a platform of 9ft using a slope of a distance of 4ft. to catch a rope in the air. The main task is to go down by the rope. To complete this obstacle, you have to climb and grab the rope along your chest & not get hurt by your hand. 

7. Double Platform Jump 

Reach out to the first platform at the height of 12ft. Jump onto the second one of height 8ft and then jump off the ground to finish the task. 

8. Rope Climbing 

Candidates have to climb on a rope attached to the post and then come back along the same rope to complete the task. The height of the bar is 4 to 5 meters. 

9. Screen Jump 

In scream jump, the person has to run over a slide and jump off at the end, leaving a big screen placed after the slide. 

10. Drum Jump 

You have to jump across a long drum of 6ft to complete the task. The length of the drum is less for female candidates.

11. Ramp Jump

Run across the elevated slope and then jump at the end to reach the market spot on the land. The distance between the spot from the end of the place is 4ft. 

12. Balancing Beams 

Balancing beams involves the zig-zag balances that a person has to walk through without falling off. The game is to balance your body and reach the other side of the ground. 

Points to Remember for IO Test 

  1. You will get 3 minutes to complete all these obstacles. There will be a whistle blow to remind you about the time left to complete the tasks. 
  2. If you complete all the obstacles in a given time, you can start over to gain extra points.
  3. You cannot repeat any tasks until all the tasks are finished.  
  4. GTO allows 2 to 3 candidates at a time to be on the ground. 
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