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Indian Army Ranks and Salary [Salary by Rank 2022]

For those who wanted to serve in the Indian Army, along with discipline and respect, there are many other things you get. The introduction of the 7th Pay commission has improved the Indian army pay scale, offering a healthy sum to the brave soldiers of our motherland. Nowadays, the pay scale of Indian army officers has even become a major factor for increased competition to Join Indian Army as a commissioned officer.

So, here is the rank wise salary that one should know and decide about the further process of joining. 

Indian Army Ranks and Salary 2020 after 7th Pay Commission:

Talking about the ranks, then not all the ranks have direct entry. Where some have a direct entry with a different process, on the other hand, some ranks are after the promotion. Coming towards the smallest rank in the Indian Army, which is (SEPOY), which is the first rank, we go towards the highest one that is GENERAL. There is a structure of rank in Indian Army:

  • Non-commissioned officer (NCO)
  • Junior commissioned officer (JCO)
  • Commissioned officer (CO)

After recruitment, the candidate gets the stipend instead of a salary. There is a training session the recruited candidate has to go through. The stipend amount is given between 15000 to 21000, as per the Indian army pay scale.  

Allowances of Indian Army

Allowances is the compensation given for the activities that need expenditure. House rental allowance for the house rents, transportation facilities.

Allowances for the army soldiers are not just for the house and food, but other expenses are also included, like kit maintenance where 400 per month is given.

Field Area allowances that are considered as the 25% of the basic pay, Transportation Allowance that is provided between 1600-3200, Counter-insurgency Rs 6300, Special Forces Rs 9000 per month, Parachute pay Rs 1200, Flying pay Rs 9000 per month and Siachen Rs 14000. 

Indian Army Sepoy/Rifleman Salary

The initial Indian army rank, but according to the Indian army salary, Sepoy gets a good amount of salary per month. Salary of Indian army jawan with allowances is 21,700 Rs per month.

Irrespective of the caste, color, and creed, anyone between 17 to 21 years of age can apply for the same. You have to pass the eligibility criteria set by the Indian Army. Various trades are there that you can apply for according to your eligibility like GD, Clerk, Nursing Assistant, Tradesman, Trade, etc. 

One can apply online and have to attend Bharti, where various tests are conducted that the candidate has to pass. After the Physical fitness test, there comes the medical and the written exam. 

Lance Naik

There is not much difference between the salary of a Jawan and Lance Naik. The pay, according to the Indian Army ranks salary band it comes to approx. 25000.


Here, the level of pay matrix is 4, and the starting salary without allowances is 27000approx. Naik is the soldier who is promoted from the rank, Lance Naik. The retirement age here is after 24 years of service. 


29,900 Rs per month is the salary of the Indian army Havildar. This is the last rank of the non-commissioned officers rank category. Direct entry is possible for this rank; one should apply for the education surveyor Auto Carto to get selected for this rank. 

Junior Commissioned Officers:

Naib Subedar

This rank means a specific hike in the salary where the soldier has the salary without allowance Rs 35,400. Havildar is promoted to the rank of Nb Subedar, and this post comes in level 6 of the pay matrix. The retirement age is after 30 years of service. 


Level of pay matrix is 7, and the salary of Subedar is 44,900 without allowances. Recruited as Sepoy soldier retire at this rank. 30 years of service is the retirement time of the Subedar.

Subedar Major

Rs 47,600 is set according to the Indian army salary for the Subedar Major rank. This is without allowances. SM is also known as the Risaldar Major.

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Honorary Lieutenant

This is the rank given as an honour to JCO’s for their service. Here the soldier can’t join the officer’s mess but gets the salary and the pension of the Lieutenant. 56,100 Rs per month is the starting salary of this rank without allowances.

Honorary Captain

Honorary Lieutenant is promoted to the rank honorary captain. According to the Indian Army, salary by rank 61,300 Rs is given to this rank. 

Commissioned Officers:


The first rank in the commissioned officers category, Indian Army Lieutenant salary is 56,100 Rs, and the retirement age is 52 years of age. A soldier already serving as the JCO/OR can also apply for this rank. Lieutenant is the freshly recruited one in the Indian Army. 


Army Captain salary in India is 61,300 Rs, and one is eligible for this rank after serving at least two years as a commissioned officer. 52 years of age is the age of retirement.


Its Level in pay matrix is 11, and the starting salary is 69,400 Rs without allowances. If he/she served is eligible to become Major in the Indian Army. The age of retirement is 52 years of age.

Lieutenant Colonel

The starting salary without allowances is 121200 Rs. The age of retirement is 54 years of age. One is eligible when served 13 years as a commissioned officer.


Indian Army officer with 15 years service as the commissioned officer is eligible for this rank. The colonel salary is 130600 Rs without allowances.


Comes in the 13 a level of pay matrix, Brigadier Indian army salary is 139600 Rs without allowances. 56 years of age is the age of retirement.25 years as a commissioned officer is eligible for this rank.

Major General

144200 Rs is the starting salary without allowances. After 32 years of commissioned service, one is eligible for this rank. The age of retirement is 58years of age.

Lieutenant General

16 level of the pay matrix the starting salary here without allowances is 1,82,200 Rs per month. After 60 years of age, a soldier can retire from this rank. 


Coming in the 18 levels of the pay matrix, the Indian army chief salary without allowances is 2,50,000 Rs. The retirement age is after serving three years as chief of army staff (COAS). 

Indian Army Rank Wise Salary Table 2020

Rank Pay Band Grade Pay Military service pay Cash In Hand(approx.)
Sepoy 5200 – 20200 1800 2000 25,000
Lance Naik 5200 – 20200 2000 2000 30,000
Naik 5200 – 20200 2400 2000 35,000
Havaldar 5200 – 20200 2800 2000 40,000
Naib Subedar 9300 – 34800 4200 2000 45,000
Subedar 9300 – 34800 4600 2000 50,000
Subedar Major 9300 – 34800 4800 2000 65,000
Lieutenant 15600 – 39100 5400 6000 68,000
Captain 15600 – 39100 6100 6000 75,000
Major 15600 – 39100 6600 6000 1,00,000
Lieutenant Colonel 37400 – 67000 8000 6000 1,12,000
Colonel 37400 – 67000 8700 6000 1,30,000
Brigadier 37400 – 67000 8900 6000
Major General 37400 – 67000 10,000
Lieutenant General 67000 – 79000
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