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13 Golden Tips to Prepare for Situation Reaction Test

SSB stands for Service Selection Board, an organization responsible for selecting the future Armed Officers among desired candidates. The SSB interview consists of many...

10 Golden Tips For Group Planning Exercise in SSB Interview

The process of getting into the Indian Army, Indian Navy or Indian Air Force is not a one-day thing and involves a set of...

Why You Should Join Indian Armed Forces

Thousands of aspirants every year dream of getting into the defence force of India, as it is the most reputed and respectful job. Those...

What is Sainik School Admission Procedure in India?

Sainik schools are those army schools that provide Public School Education and are also resident schools for boys with a run-over military bias. Like...

What is an SPG Officer & How to Join SPG Security in India

The Defense Forces of India consists of many designations and posts that a candidate can apply to join the Indian Army. Among the most...

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