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25 Interesting Facts About Rajput Regiment

One of the oldest infantry of the Indian Army, the Rajput Regiment has been there for a long time from 1798. In the defense troop, you will only find the Rajputs, Gujars with Bengalis and Muslims. If you belong to the above class and are interested in joining the Indian Army, we have pretty interesting facts for you. 

25 Interesting Facts About Rajput Regiment

1. Rajputana Rifles and Rajput Regiments are separate regiments While the Rajput Regiment has only Rajputs Gujras with Muslims & Bengalis, the Rajputana Rifles has 50-50 Jat and Rajput caste. 

2. The Infantry had only 50% Muslims during World War II that fought against the tribe. But after the war, almost everyone left the army because of the partition. 

3. The defense troop only consists of Gujar and Rajput communities’ best and most talented members. 

4. After 1947, many Punjabi Rajput Muslims had to shift to Pakistan because of various conflicts. But the Hindu Gujars and Punjabi covered up the space in the Regiment. 

5. The Regiment got its logo after the defeat of Hyder Ali Tipu Sultan’s father at Cuddalore. 

6. The following troops also fought various wars like the one with Marathas at Delhi and the Sikh and Gurkhas in the Anglo-Sikh wars. 

7. The Lucknow Regiment, which is also the 16th Rajput Regiment, was made in the year 1857. This team also participated in the defence of Lucknow Residency. It was active till 1922. 

8. The Rajput Regiment had soldiers who were either drawn from the Bengal army or were part of the Bengal family. 

9. During World War II, the soldiers fought bravely and won 37 battle honors after the war. The number of honors they won was the highest.

10. After forming the Rajput Regiment, the first battle they fought was the Indo-Pak war 1974-48. 

11. This particular infantry has many real-time heroes, including Naik Jadu Nath Singh, who was honoured by Param Vir Chakra.  

12. Most of the wars between 1962, 1965, 1971, and 1999 on the Eastern and Western Fronts included the participation of the Rajput Regiment. 

13. The main Rajput Regimental office is in Fatehgarh, Uttar Pradesh. The place also has a memorial from the last 50+ years. 

14. The motto of this regiment is “Sarvatra Vijaya,” which dictates “Victory Everywhere.” Moreover, the war cry of the team is “Bolo Bajrang Bali ki Jai.” 

15. The Rajput Regiment of the Indian Army is affiliated to INS Rajput- a massive Indian Navy destroyer. 

16. The word “Rajput” in the Rajput Regiments stands for all the Rajputs caste and classes across North India. 

17. Every battalion of the Rajput Regiment fought in World War II, except for the 10th and 6th ones.

18. Kodandea Madappa Cariappa- the first Indian Chef of the Indian Army, was a part of the same infantry. And later on, he also became the second Field Marshal of the Indian Army. 

19. In addition to Kodandea Madappa Cariappa, General V.K Singh, who was the 23rd chief in the army, was also a part of this particular regiment. 

20. The present commander of the Rajput Regiment is Lieutenant General CP Mohanty. 

21. For the formation of the 7th Regiment, a total six battalions were merged in the year 1922. 

22. The British came up with 3 battalions as infantry forces in 1798. 

23. The team opted for a crossed dagger as their insignia after defeating Hyder Ali. 

24. The troop got many awards, including Ashok Chakra, Maha Vir Chakra, Vir Chakra, Shaurya Chakra, Sena Medals, Padma Shri Awards, and many more. 

25. The 2nd infantry of the regiment was upgraded with the 16th regiment of the Bengal Native Infantry in 1798.

We hope that  you find these facts interesting. 


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