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Punita Arora – First Woman Lieutenant General of Indian Army [Motivational Facts Inside]

Starting from the 19th century, India has given birth to many women superheroes fighting for the country, making revolutions, and bringing a new change in society. And since then, we get to see many women doing their part for society and participating in things that were not meant for them. One such field is in the Indian Army. 

In this article, we will share with you one such woman’s example who has broken the stereotypes and achieved what she wanted to with respect and dignity. Vice Admiral Punita Arora- the first woman lieutenant-general of the Indian Army

Punita Arora – First Woman Lieutenant General of Indian Army

1. Born and brought up in a Punjabi family, Punita completed her studies in Bhatinda and later on joined the Armed Forces Medical College in Pune.  

2. During her entire serving duration in the Indian Army, she has earned 15 medals for her bravery. She has won Vishisht Seva Medal, Param Vishisht Seva Medal, and the Sena Medal. 

3. She was the first woman to secure the second rank in the Indian Air Force as the Lieutenant General. 

4. She is also the first woman who took charge of the Armed Forces Medical College in 2004. And she was also the first-ever woman Vice-Admiral of the Indian Navy in 2005.

5. Punita Arora has also been a part of many TedXTalks in which she shared how she had been a substantial part of the male-dominant world. 

6. Punita Arora has proved that women have a major role in shaping the real world into a better place, especially for women. 

7. She has served the country for 36 long years and has passionately performed her duties as an army officer. 

Because of such strong role models, more and more women join the Indian Army and make their parents and country proud. 

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