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Gauri Mahadik Will Soon Join OTA- A Tribute to Her Husband, Martyr Major Prasad Mahadik

After Major Prasad Mahadik was martyred in December 2017, his wife takes a step ahead to join Indian Army and pay it as a tribute to her martyr Husband. She was recommended for Officers Training Academy (OTA), Chennai where she will continue her training. She was selected for SSC Non-tech 2019 Course.

About Gauri Prasad Mahadik:

Gauri Prasad Mahadik was called for SSB Interview at 21 SSB Bhopal. This was her second attempt as she was not able to crack the SSB in her first attempt.  The most interesting part of her selection was that she had the Same Chest Number (Chest No-28) which her husband wore at the time of SSB Interview. She was then recommended to join the Indian Army.

Gauri Mahadik Chest No 28
Gauri Mahadik Chest No 28

In the SSCW (Non-Tech) 23 Course, total of two Widows were merit in i.e. Gauri Prasad Mahadik and Gargi Dutta. With respect to only 1 vacancy for windows, Gauri Mahadik was considered as the finally selected candidate to Join the prestigious Indian Army.

She was married to Major Prasad in 2015. At the time of marriage, Gauri was working as a

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She said that after about 10 days of her husband’s demise, she was thinking about the next big step that she should take in her life. And that step came out to join the Indian Army and pay tribute to her martyr husband. Hence, she started preparing to join Indian Army and earn the dress that her husband used to wear.

She will undergo training at OTA Chennai from April 2019 and after she will complete the 40 weeks intense training of Indian Army, she will earn the stars and will become Lieutenant Gauri Prasad Mahadik.

About Martyr Major Prasad Mahadik:

Martyr Major Prasad Mahadik

Major Prasad Mahadik was commissioned in the Indian Army through Officers Training Academy. He was commissioned after completing his OTA training in March 2012.

 Major Prasad Mahadik was posted in the 7th battalion of the Bihar Regiment. At the time of the incident, he was posted in the Tawang valley, Arunachal Pradesh. During the winters, its temperature falls up to -15-degree celsius. On the 30th of December, 2017, at around 0600 hours, a fire broke in the barrack where Major Prasad Mahadik was staying. Soon the fire took a gigantic incident as it covered the large part of the barrack. Major Prasad was trapped in the fire.

Later a rescue operation was conducted but it was late to bring down the fire. Major Prasad received severe burn injuries that resulted in his unexpected martyrdom. Major Prasad was survived by his wife Gauri Mahadik, father Ganesh and his mother Sharda.

Major Prasad Mahadik with Gauri Mahadik

All of you must know that the Indian soldiers who laid their life for the nation left behind their family to survive for their whole life. The wives of the martyrs are highly affected with the demise of their husbands and hence to take a strong decision ahead to survive in this life along with the unforgettable pain of losing their beloved ones.

We salute the brave Wives of Martyrs. JAI HIND

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