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Officer Cadre Restructuring: Indian Army to Slash Brigadier Rank

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India has the third largest Army over the globe. The list is currently topped by China and United States of America. But when it comes to the Volunteer Army, India is considered to be at the top. There have been numerous motivational factors about the Indian Army that you should know and feel proud.  Talking about Officer Cadre, there are currently ten (10) ranks where a cadet joins Army as Lieutenant and moves up to the rank of Field Marshal. Mostly the rank of General is honored to the eligible officers whereas the rank of “Field Marshal” is offered to extra-ordinary officers. As of now only three officers of Indian Army have been honored with Field Marshal Rank.

Below are the equivalent ranks of Indian Armed Forces:

Army Air Force Navy
*Field Marshal *Marshal of the Air Force *Admiral of the fleet
General Air Chief Marshal Admiral
Lt. General Air Marshal Vice Admiral
Major General Air Vice Marshal Rear Admiral
Brigadier Air Commodore Commodore
Colonel Group Captain Captain
Lt. Colonel Wing Commander Commander
Major Squadron Leader Lt. Commander
Captain Flight Lieutenant Lieutenant
Lieutenant Flying Officer Sub Lieutenant

But Indian Army is planning to cut down its Brigadier rank form the officer’s cadre. With this slashing, the Colonel who is getting a promotion will directly become Major General. This process of restructuring was running for 35 years to balance the ranks with civil services.

The reports stats that the current count of about 12 lakh soldiers out of which 42000 commissioned officers are serving, the Armed Forces are looking forward to reviewing the rank system and cutting down nine to six or seven ranks.

Why Officer Cadre Restructuring?

Talking on this point, Indian Army General Bipin Rawat said that this step is important to build a balance between Indian Army and civil services. Also with this restructuring, there will be more career prospects. Currently, the candidates joining civil services witness only six ranks during their entire services, but in case of Indian Army, there are nine ranks that end with the rank of Field Marshal. So, in order to build equality, it’s important to diminish a few ranks.

Even a proposal is made to omit the rank of Lieutenant from the list. All the cadets who successfully complete the training at IMA or OTA will be honored with the rank of Captain.

So, what do you think? Is this the right step taken by Indian Army, or its good to continue with the current ranking structure? You can share your opinion in the comment section below

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1 comment

Avtar Singh January 30, 2020 - 9:29 pm

Army officers have been down graded in pay perks and status vis a vis IAS. Even the police has upgraded itself above army. Punjab a small state has today 8 DGP officers of Lt Gen rank. No wonder bright young men do not want to join the army.
I am reminded of a saying by Liddle Hard a military thinker who said on inapt military leadership :Remember the mistakes commanders made and the price nations paid”. the price of military defeat is paid by nations. consider defeat of Pakistan in 1971 war which resulted in oblitration of what was called East Pakistan.
You cannot afford a second rate military leadership.


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