10 Mistakes in PIQ Form SSB Candidates Commonly Do

Today, everyone has a clear idea of the importance of PIQ form. Mistakes in PIQ form are taken leniently by most of the SSB candidates, but they are actually a big reason for their rejection. The problem of incorrect PIQ Form Filling is majorly seen with Fresher. The mistakes in PIQ form builds a negative impact on the assessors in the SSB and hence considered to be a filled wisely.

For fresher who have already gone through the SSB Coaching Institutes, will have the clear of How to fill the PIQ form correctly. But for others who are a newbie and have just the basic idea do silly mistakes which cause their rejection sometimes and let them come again as a Repeater.

So, what are the common Mistakes in PIQ that most of the SSB Candidates generally? Here is the collective list of 10 mistakes by SSB candidates while filling PIQ form.

10 Common Mistakes in PIQ Form

Filling Wrong Data: Data in your PIQ form is the whole matter on behalf of which you will be asked countless questions during the Personal Interview. Whenever the SSB Instructor explains the Batch about PIQ form, there are many candidates who used to ignore it, resulting in wrong data filling. This mostly happens when you are told to write the population of your city/village/town. Lack of knowledge let you write wrong data that can be easily cross-checked by the Assessors at SSB.

Too Many Mistakes: To fill the complete form, you are provided with a plethora of time that you can use to fill the complete PIQ form easily. But many SSB candidates make a number of mistakes while filling the form. Too many mistakes annoy the assessor while tracking your PIQ and hence build your negative image. To fill the PIQ form you are given nearly half an hour, but many candidates tend to fill the PIQ form in a hurry, resulting in multiple mistakes in PIQ.

Using Acronyms: It’s a common phenomenon that whenever you are offering your biodata, you tend to deliver as much clear information to the assessor as possible. In this, using the acronyms cause a big problem. There are many candidates who prefer using acronyms instead of using the complete word. For e.g. K.V. will be used in place of Kendriya Vidyalaya, Engg. for Engineering, which is never suggested. You need to write everything clearly without using any acronyms.

Leaving the Blanks Empty: Whenever you leave anything blank it seems that you forget to fill it. The same mentality goes when it comes to your PIQ form too. Most of the candidates leave the options empty which shows their irresponsible nature. If there is something in your PIQ form which you don’t want to fill, writing ‘NA’ in the blank is the best option. This will indicate the assessor that the candidate has nothing to write in that blank.

Writing Wrong Hobbies: Hobbies are actually defined as the task that you do in your leisure time for the sake of enjoyment. Most of the candidates write something apart from this definition in order to build positive impact on the assessors at SSB. For e.g. Reading Books is not any hobby, instead of Reading Novels, Reading Technical magazines is somewhat that is termed as your hobby. This mistake in your PIQ results in multiple questions during your Personal Interview. So, it’s better to avoid these mistakes in PIQ prior to its submission.

Hiding Number of Previous Attempts: This is one of the biggest mistakes in PIQ, repeaters make. While filling the PIQ form, a few of the candidates tend to hide their previous attempts. All the candidates must know that in the tech-savvy world, it’s easy to save the data of each and every person in the digital form. So, all your data will be stored somewhere. But against that, a few of the candidates don’t write complete information, who is then considered to be an unreliable person.

Avoiding ‘Outstanding Achievements’ Section: Most of the candidates avoid the Outstanding Achievements section and leave it blank. This shows that they have not done anything extraordinary in their academics/sports. The outstanding achievement shows your extraordinary earnings during your school, college or other academic tenures. It depends upon you, what you consider as extra-ordinary achievements when compared with other students in your educational tenure. For e.g. if you have scored above 80 marks in all the subjects, it’s your outstanding achievement to get 1st division score in all the academic subjects.

Bad Handwriting: In general, mistakes in PIQ form occurs when you are either not serious about PIQ or you are in a hurry. The SSB candidates while filling the PIQ form doesn’t heed on their handwriting. It’s important to write that can be easy to read by the assessors. In your Personal Interview, most of the questions are asked from your PIQ. Bad handwriting causes trouble for the Interviewer to read your PIQ form and ask you accordingly.

Writing Fake Information: Assessors at SSB are highly proficient in judging which candidates have filled the correct information and which have not. It is one of the Mistakes in PIQ form that most of the students make. This problem occurs with candidates who came after getting SSB Coaching. The assessors can easily analyze the potential against the information you have filled in your PIQ Form.

Incomplete Information: The PIQ form is basically given to write maximum possible information about you. It tells the assessors how much you know about yourself. Incomplete knowledge will show that you are not fully aware of yourself, building negative impact on the SSB assessors.

The collective point is, you never know the reason for someone’s recommendation and someone’s rejection. But once you know the factors that can benefit you or that can harm you during the SSB Interview, you can easily find the right way to Selection in SSB.

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