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9 Beneficial SSB Tips For Repeaters [9th is Very Important]

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Being a Repeater in SSB is always a sad feeling. But not everyone gets recommended in their first attempt. There are many SSB Tips for Repeaters that can help them crack SSB in one go. For every repeater, it becomes harder to come out as the shining start of the group and get a new chest number with ‘+’ sign on it.

Whether you are attending the SSB 2nd time or 15th time, you will always lie under Repeaters category. During the grouping of SSB Candidates, Fresher, Screen out and Repeaters are shortlisted and hence groups are created. But with some useful and memorable SSB Tips for repeaters, you can easily go through the SSB and get recommendation.

So, today, we will help you find some beneficial SSB Tips which can be used by SSB Repeaters and fulfill your dream of becoming an armed force officer.

Beneficial SSB Tips for Repeaters

Tip 1: Review Your Previous Mistakes

Well, it’s obvious that in your previous SSB attempts you might have done some mistakes that lead to your rejection. You should know what you have done in your psychology test, GTO, and Interview that you can easily judge and analyze. The best way to collect your mistakes in your previous attempts is to note them all onto a paper and research them thoroughly. Working on your mistakes will always let you overwhelm them. This will let you avoid your mistakes in your next attempt.

Tip 2: Analyze and Correct your Mistakes

Once you have listed your mistakes that made you the Repeater in SSB, it’s time to analyze them and find the right solution for everyone. Start from the screening and omit the mistakes with any new strategy. Move from first to last that will help you resolve the mistakes originated in the starting of SSB Interview. Ensure all your mistakes from 5-days SSB stay are corrected and will not be repeated in the next SSB.

Tip 3: Find a Mentor and Get some Tips

Most of the time, being alone becomes a major reason for your rejection. If you are preparing alone for the SSB, you definitely need a mentor that can help you understand the concept of each and every SSB test. A good mentor will also find your downfalls and help you turn them into your positive points. It’s good if you could find your mentor from currently servicing Defense Officers or recently retired personalities.

Tip 4: Understand the Whole SSB Procedure

Undergoing SSB Interview without having the detailed knowledge of what are the whole processes of SSB and which test gives more score. Preparing for SSB without knowing the whole SSB Procedure will always harm you at some point of time during the SSB Interview. After being rejected in the SSB for once, you might have already understood the whole SSB procedure.

Tip 5: Stay Away from Fake Believes (Myths)

Today, there are countless repeaters of SSB who never take the SSB Interview seriously. Hence they created false believed about the SSB Selection procedure. It is suggested to stay away from all the myths created by any SSB repeater or even the SSB Recommended candidates. The selection of candidate totally depends upon your performance and how you are judged by the assessors. The SSB Tips for Repeaters must be used only used to build a strategy for your next SSB and to avoid the common SSB mistakes.

Tip 6: Take SSB Seriously

Enjoying the 5-days SSB tenure is different from what you perform during the SSB Interview. But many of the candidates just reach the SSB Centre to enjoy their trip that results in their rejection. It’s important to show your best during the SSB Interview and take the complete use of leisure time to enjoy the day. From SSB Preparation till Interview, take every part of the Exam seriously.

Tip 7: Believe in Hard work (Not Your Luck)

Many of the times, Success is defined as the time when hard work meets luck. Here, Luck can never be controlled, but you can work hard to compel your luck work for you. Always remember that hard work always pays. Believing in handwork is a major part of SSB Tips of Repeaters. So, instead of leaving everything on your luck, start working hard and achieve your goal.

Tip 8: Be Confident

Confidence is what can drive you long. Whatever be the result of SSB, you must be confident on what and how you have performed during the 5-days stay at SSB centre. Once you analyze all your mistakes, you will even experience more confidence as compared to previous SSB and that’s important too. Work hard and build strong confidence in yourself.


Last but not the list, it’s important to maintain the zeal to join Defense Forces and serve the nation. It is not mandatory that even after you show the best of your attempt, the SSB interviewers don’t find you eligible for the Defense Forces. So, Never Back Down and try to work harder to clear the SSB in your next attempt. You can simply say at that time ‘Today is not my day, but tomorrow will be’. SSB Tips for Repeaters can only be followed if you are well prepared from the core of your heart.

So, next time you go for the SSB of Army, Navy or Air Force, do follow the above given SSB Tips for Repeaters. In each and every test during the SSB Interview must be your best attempt. Starting from the Screening test, followed by Psychology test, Personal Interview, and GTO, every test must be free from any sort of mistakes that you did in your last attempt.

All the best Repeaters!

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