How to Fill PIQ Form in SSB and Increase Your Selection Chances

For every SSB, PIQ is an important factor that decides your selection or rejection. For many of the selected SSB cadets, it has been proved to be a game changer in their 5 Days SSB stay. For both Fresher as well as Repeater, writing a unique and appealing PIQ Form is highly important. If you are going to attend SSB interview in the coming days, this article will help you understand the complete format of PIQ and the right format of filling PIQ Form.

What s PIQ Form?

The PIQ is the acronym of “Personal Information Questionnaire”. It is a simple resume format that is used by the Service Selection Boards to learn more and more about the candidate. It helps the interviewers to judge the candidates, based on the information filled by them on their individual PIQ form.

Nearly all the important information is asked by the candidate from his personal, professional and academic life. The PIQ Form is generally filled on the first day of reporting at the SSB center. In some cases, the PIQ is even filled after the screening process (such cases appear when strength is high).

Why It’s Important To Fill PIQ Form Correctly?

At the time of 5-days SSB stay, the candidate is judged on all aspects. He/she is judged physically and mentally. Simultaneously, his reactions are compared with the information filled by the candidate at the time of reporting. The major reason for asking for PIQ form is to know, how much a candidate knows about himself and how much can he explore within.
Whatever is filled by the candidate in the PIQ form is important from the very first day till his recommendation in the SSB. During the interview, the interviewer asks you questions on the basis of your PIQ and note down your responses. So, it’s important to fill the PIQ correctly.

How to Fill PIQ Form to Increase Selection Chances?

  • Maintain Clean Handwriting: Whenever you are writing the information in PIQ, make sure you maintain a clear and neat handwriting. Avoid writing in a hurry, which can be annoying for the interviewers to understand your handwriting and lead to fatal rejection. Make sure you use a good ball point pen to fill the PIQ form correctly.
  • Avoid Mistakes: During your Form filling time, try not to make any mistake in the form. Mistakes in your form must be corrected in the right manner. In case you have made a mistake, ask for the whitener and hide your mistakes. But above all, use the given time wisely and write error-free PIQ.
  • Fill Maximum Information: This is a myth that writing selective information can help you get recommended. However, it is preferred that give maximum information in the PIQ form, so that most of the points can be easily understood by the examiner. There may be some minor points that can make a big impact on the interviewer and help you get a good score in SSB.
  • Avoid using Short Forms/Abbreviations: The current PIQ form is made enough big, you can easily fill maximum information. Most of the candidates use short keys like “KV, Std., etc. It’s good to write the complete name whenever possible to let the examiner understand each and every term in the easiest way. Filling the detailed PIQ form is always appreciated by the SSB interviewers.
  • Maintain Your Honesty: Honesty is what can take you from the first day of SSB to the recommendation. While filling the form, maintain your honesty and fill the correct information. Never try to add fake information and bluff the interviewer. They are highly trained and have vast experience of judging different types of candidates.

What Are The PIQ Form Common Mistake You Should Avoid?

  • Writing with faulty pen or writing in a hurry
  • Avoiding complete information in order to submit the PIQ form on time
  • Not writing the correct information, hiding some essential information.
  • Filling extraordinary data, to impress the interviewer.
  • Too many mistakes with corrections alongside.

See Video to Get Better Idea about PIQ Form


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