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7 Lesser Known Facts About RAW Agency [VIDEO]

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Indian history is flooded with countless stories of heroes, legends and many rumors too. But with every hero, there is an institution that builds such heroes or legends and makes legendary stories. Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) is one such organization of Indian Defence which is considered to be the backbone of Indian Intelligence and has given many hidden gems to the country. Most of you have seen RAW Agents only in cinema, but have never heard about the details of RAW. So, here are some of the interesting and lesser-known facts about RAW Agency.

RAW was Established After Sino-Indo War:

Prior to 1968, Intelligence Bureau (IB) used to be in operation for different types of intelligence services. But during the Indo-Sino war of 1962 and the Indo-Pak war of 1965, it was witnessed that the IB is not much effective and hence the then Prime Minister of Indian, Indira Gandhi take a step to enhance the security and intelligence measures. The establishment of Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) was the resultant.

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To lead the new intelligence service of India, Rameshwar Nath Kao was called, who was reputed as the Director of RAW. During that tenure, Rameshwar Nath Kao was considered to be the mastermind of intelligence services on the global level.

The Bangladesh Liberation War was successful under his leadership. Along with that, the accession of Sikkim state was also the output of RAW efforts.

The 1971 Indian Airlines Hijacking Was Pre-Planned By RAW Agency:

Most of the Indian’s don’t know the fact that the Indian Airlines Hijacking of 1971 was a strategic move by RAW which completed their mission of banning the flights by Pakistan. RAW utilized a Pakistan-sponsored terrorist organization, Al-Fatah to take action and hijack the airlines. Hashim Qureshi, one of the Al-Fatah members completed the job and ended it with his arrest by the BSF.

This was one of the strategically planned operations by the RAW and then Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi that worked really well.

Ravindra Kaushik Is One Of The Most Famous RAW Agents:

Most of you might have already heard of the RAW Agent Ravindra Kaushik which was also called as BLACK TIGER. He was one of the best spies RAW would ever have. Recruited from a theater and was sent to Pakistan to steam their sensitive information.

Ravindra Kaushik worked for RAW Agency from 1979 to 1983 during which, he worked as Major in Pakistan Army. That time he was given the title of Black Tiger. “Ek Tha Tiger” is one of the films inspired by the store of Ravindra Kaushik.

RAW Agents Are Damn Good At Keeping Secrets:

The RAW Agency, since its birth in 1968 has proved that they are highly proficient in keeping secrets. The Pokhran Nuclear test is one of such example. On 18 May 1974, government officials did the nuclear test without any information leak. And because of that, RAW agency is responsible for keeping operation Smiling Budha a secret.

A RAW Agent Doesn’t Carry a Gun On Duty:

For many, it is the weirdest to see a cop without any weapons. But RAW agents are never considered to hold a gun while being on duty. Reason being, RAW Agents are mostly deployed in other countries to find the sensitive information that can be beneficial for India. And for that, they need to live within common people. So, it will be weird to use the gun and shot people in a foreign country. The best weapon of a RAW agent is his Intelligence.

No One Can Ever Know About The Real Professional RAW Agent:

 That’s Damn True!

Once you become a RAW agent, you will be posed to have an ordinary profession which will be used to undergo high-level of security operations. When it comes to the real profession of a RAW Agent, not even his family (not even wife) can ever know the reality.

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The real profession and untold secrets are taken to the grave of the RAW agent’s grave. There is no other than RAW Agency which can share the secrets with him.

For that, the RAW agents are recruited with a high level of skills and are even trained under extreme conditions that build a professional agent who can never release the secrets even in adverse conditions.

IPS And IFS Is The Best Way To Become A RAW Agent:

There is not any specific time when the RAW agency releases their recruitment notification for the applicants. But there are many parameters that are judged to find the best RAW agent for the country. And to get into the RAW, IPS and IFS cadre is the best means to start with.

It has been sent hat most of the RAW Agents are being recruited from these two cadres. Apart from this, the Defence officers are also selected for the RAW Agent profile as they are already enriched with the Leadership skills and strategic planning tactics.

But this doesn’t mean you, not being the part of IAS or Indian Defence, have no chance of becoming a RAW Agent. RAW Agency even recruits from the non-defence field. RAW Agent Ravindra Kaushik was recruited from a theater, which becomes a clear indication that even you can make attempt.

So, these are some of the most interesting facts about RAW.

Would you like to join RAW as a spy and make your country proud?

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