How To Become A GHATAK Commando [Indian Army Ghatak Special Force]

The Indian Army consists of various departments and forces that altogether make the organization skilled and accomplished in every manner. Whether it is counterattacks, surgical operations, defense, or logistics, they have unique units for all. 

Ghatak Special Force is one of the most significant forces of the Indian Army, and if you want to join this force, we will tell you how you can do that. Read the entire article to know how to become a GHATAK Commando. 

What is a Ghatak Platoon?

Ghatak Platoon is no special army troop or operational unit like the Para Special Force. But it can be fairly said that it is a more advanced unit that has been trained on a higher level as compared to the general infantry force. 

The word “Ghatak” means “Killer” or “Lethal.” The name is given to this troop as the major responsibilities of this troop is to act as armed spread heads and also act as shock troops when it comes to operations and large-scale ground assault. 

They can undertake any raids on enemies in artillery positions, airfields, and supply dumps as well.  

How To Become A GHATAK Commando

Getting selected into the Ghatak Force is not as easy as it sounds. It is a long process that a candidate must follow in the same order. 

1. Firstly, candidates must be a member of the Indian army if they want to join this troop. So a candidate has to join the army and serve the country for a period of time before entering this special platoon. It can be through Commissioned or Noncommissioned ways.  

2. The criteria to become a Ghatak Commando is: 

  • The upper age limit of a candidate is 30 years. 
  • The candidate must be of the rank: 2nd Lieutenant, Lieutenant, Captain, or an NCO.

3. After the selection, every Ghatak Commando has to undergo a special training course at Commando School, Belgaum. Only those candidates who pass the training go to this unit. 

4. The recruitment process in Ghatak force is done based on the number of vacancies by the army headquarters only. 

5. The officers are also sent to Corps Battle School and Country Insurgency Schools for training purposes only. 

So, in short, we can say that to become a Ghatak Commando, firstly, you have to join the Indian army and then complete the training course with good grades. Only after that can you apply for the Ghatak Force only. 

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