Top 11 Amazing Facts About Ghatak Special Forces

Ghatak Force or Platoon is a special force of the Indian Army that holds positions in every infantry battalion of the army. They are the reconnaissance unit of the force that holds the research and study for other military reasons. 

The story of URI is frightening and motivating for every civilian and soldier who will be recognized for thousands of years. The counter reply to the URI attack by the brave men of our army was beheld. 

The bravest of brave are the ones who show remarkable confidence and passion towards their nation, and one such example is the Ghatak Platoons. On 18th September, the day of the Uri surgical strike, the 4 Jaish-a-Mohammad terrorists attacked the Army’s 12th Brigade. Around 19 soldiers were martyred in the attack, of which 16 were from 6 Bihar and 3 from the Dogra. For the following strike, the Ghatak troop was appointed in a flanking role during the attack on the rival’s territory. 

This particular force works intending to accompany the other troops and guarantee that the revenge or any other purpose is completed by force. 

This article will share the top 11 amazing facts about the Ghatak Platoon that you must know.

Top 11 Amazing Facts About Ghatak Special Forces

1. A Ghatak Platoon is one of the Army’s special forces that aim to protect or shake troopers during any conflict or operation. They are always heavily armed and ready for instant attacks or emergencies. 

2. This army unit is the most physically fit and always ready for any obstacles in the entire force. 

3. Ghatak troops have the power to undertake any direct raid on the enemy’s airfields, supply dumps, headquarters, or artillery positions on the battlefields.

4. Soldiers of this unit undergo rigorous training to make them competent in the heliborne assault, rock climbing, close-quarter battles, demolitions, and logistics roles. 

5. A Ghatak troop consists of 20 trained and strong men. Within the 20 men are 2 Commanding Captains and 2 non-commissioned officers with some special marksmen, machine gunners, radio operators, and spotter pairs.

6. All the soldiers of the following troop go under special training in Belgaum, Karnataka, at the Commando Training Course. During the training, candidates undergo speed marches in battle gear ranging from 20 to 40 kilometers, holding 20 kg of weight in their rucksacks and rifles. 

7. An officer of the Ghatak Platoon is armed with INSAS Assault Rifle, Pika General Purpose Machine Gun, M4 Carbine, AKM Assault Rifles, TAR-21 Assault Rifles, SVD Dragunov Sniper Rifle, Carl Gustov Recoil, INSAS Light Machine Guns. 

And during the time of operations, they carry items like ropes, hand grenades, rocket launchers, laser target designators, and climbing gears. 

8. The vital thing to note is that Ghatak Force is no special operation force like the Para SF in the Indian Army. 

9. Ghatak Platoon are unlike Paras Force as they do not have to go through any probation period. They also do not have to do specific SF tasks like sabotage, Counter Terrorism, foreign internal defence, and long-range reconnaissance patrols. 

10. Ghatak is a Hindi word that means “Killer or Lethal.” The name was given to the platoon by General Bipin Chandra Joshi. 

11. This unit is also popular by the name “Shock Inflacting Force” in the army. And their role is similar to the Scout Sniper Platoon and British Army’s Patrol Platoon. 

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