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How to Become Para Commando In Indian Army

Many defense aspirants want to know how to become Para Commando in the Indian Army. Yes, Para Special Forces (Para SF) is an elite force of the Indian Army that has nurtured numerous officers and jawans to make a Para SF Commando. Indian Para Special Force is one of the prestigious Special Forces across the world. If you want to join Para SF, you must know the detailed Para Commando selection process.

Who are Para Commandos?

A Special Forces commando is trained for operations involving direct actions. These commandos handle operations like hostage rescue, counter-terrorism, unconventional warfare, special reconnaissance, foreign internal defense, counter-proliferation, counter-insurgency, seek and destroy, and personnel recovery.

Parachute Regiment Badge

All three wings of the armed forces have their own commando units, trained specially for operations involving direct action.

The Indian Army has the Parachute Regiment, popularly called the Para Commandos; the Indian Navy has the Marine Commandos (MARCOS) and the Indian Air Force has Garud Commando Force.

There is a total of 9 Para Special Forces in the Indian Army. 9th Parachute commando battalion is the oldest among them. The roots of the Para (Special Forces) go back to World War II, with the formation of the 50th Parachute Brigade in October 1941.

Battalions of Para Special Forces:

  • 1 PARA (SF)
  • 2 PARA (SF)
  • 3 PARA (SF)
  • 4 PARA (SF)
  • 9 PARA (SF)
  • 10 PARA (SF)
  • 11 PARA (SF)
  • 12 PARA (SF)
  • 21 PARA (SF)

How to join Indian Army PARA Special Forces?

Join Para SF as an Officer

  • Volunteer Gentleman Cadets of IMA and OTA have the option to get commissioned at the scale of two officers per battalion per year. Post commissioning, these officers are allotted a parent regiment by MS Branch.
  • Any Indian Arm Officer can volunteer to join the Para SF Regiment subjected to have minimum 5 years of service, medical category SHAPE-I, and being graded `EXCELLENT’ in BPET.

Join Para SF as Jawan

  • Candidates who attained 100% marks in Physical Fitness and 50% marks in Written Test are asked to exercise an option of joining the ELITE PARA Regiment by AROs just prior to their despatch. All volunteer candidates undergo additional tests subjected to the selection for PARA Regiment.
  • Volunteers candidates will be subjected to special physical efficiency tests for PRTC Recruitment as stated below:-
Physical TestQualification Standard
5 KM RunTo be completed within 20 Minutes
Chin UpMinimum 14 Chin Up (Beam)
Push UpMinimum 40 reps to be completed within 01 minute.
Sit UpMinimum 80 reps to be completed within 02 minutes.
Mtr ShuttleTo be completed 17 times in 01 Minute.
  • In case the selected candidates are unable to meet requisite training standards at PRTC, they will be transferred to the parent Regiment for further training.
  • The above mentioned tests will be conducted by the Bd of Officers of the PRTC at the ARO location/station.

Special Entry to Become Para Special Forces Commando:

There is no special entry to join the Indian Army as a Para SF Commando. You can join the Indian Army as Officer or Jawan and become a Para Commando afterward.

Many defense aspirants think that candidates with 100% physical fitness and 50% marks in the written exam are offered direct entry to the Para SF but through recruitment for Special Forces. However, the Indian Army doesn’t recruit Para Special Forces Commandos through direct entry like Indian Air Force.

About Para Commando Training Schedule

During the first 90 days of selection, volunteers are subjected to undergo special Para SF training as below.

Day 1 to 35 (Physical and Skills Training)

  • Includes hours of rigorous exercises apart from other tests and skills training (blindfolded team assembly, weapons training, demolition, navigation, communication, medical and cooking skills)
  • They are taught animal handling skills, insertion and extraction techniques and have to learn several languages.
  • FACT: Up to 20% probationers are not able to complete this stage of the course.

Day 45 (36-hour Para SF Stress Test)

  • It includes 36 hours of exercises, maneuvers, insertion, extraction where the probationers stress capabilities are put to the test.
  • A 10 km speed march with 30 kg battle loads and an additional 40 kg each
  • Followed by various exercises included lifting buddies over long periods
  • Followed by three-rounds of weight shifting (40 litres of jerry cans, tyre trucks and wooden logs up to 85 kg in weight)
  • During the 11th hour, trial by water is conducted to test panic reactions under stress

Day 56 (Para SF 100 km Endurance Run)

  • Mandatory for all probationers with 10 kg battle load and personal weapon of 7 kg they have to run 100 km.

Day 60 to 90 (Counter Terror Operations)

  • The final and toughest test is reserved for those who make it to this stage

Para Commando War Cry

The war cry of PARA SF is “ Tum bharat ke veer ho, Tum apne desh ke rakshak ho. Tu apni himmat badaye ja, jati bhedbhav ko mitaye ja. Kadam Badaye Ja, Piche Hatna kaam nahi, aage badhe ja.

All Badges of Para Commando

Para SF Badges

Here is the list of commonly known badges that are earned by our Para Commandos.

  • Jump Indicator Wings
  • Regimental Badge
  • Commendation Card
  • Medals & Gallantry Awards
  • Tiger Hill Badge
  • Headgear
  • Diving Badge
  • Balidaan Badge
  • Unit’s Insignia
  • Combat Free Falling Badge
  • Name Plate
  • Shoulder Title
  • Chakrata Badge
  • Para Wings

Latest Para Commando Salary

All soldiers of Para Regiment are given additional allowances alongside standard officer/soldier salary. The additional allowances include:

  • Special Force Allowances:- 17,300/- + Pay + Other allowances
  • PARA Pay (Para Battalion):- 6,000/ + Pay + Other allowances

Read More: What is Para Commando Salary in India

About Para Commando Glass Eating Ceremony

Many aspirants & readers have seen Para Commando eating glass during the training period. The fact is that at the end of Para Commando training and before earning the Maroon Beret, the soldiers need to eat glass. Yes, that’s true!

Para Commando Glass Eating Ceremony

Operations where Para Commando were Involved

  • During Operation Bluestar, commandos of 1 Para (SF) were tasked to lead the attack on the Golden Temple for evicting Sikh militants hold up there.
  • They were a part of the India Peace-Keeping Force in Sri Lanka and were also involved in Operation Cactus in Maldives.
  • In 1999, nine Parachute regiment battalions were deployed for Operation Vijay in Kargil and played a significant role in the conflict.
  • They were also involved in several counter-insurgency operations in Jammu and Kashmir and the northeastern states.
  • They have also been involved in United Nations’ peacekeeping operations, including those in Korea (1950-54), Gaza (1956-58) and UNAMSIL in Sierra Leone (2000).

So, if you are one of the aspirant who want to join the PARA SF regiment and wear the maroon beret and Balidaan badge, you should read this article thoroughly and choose from different options to earn the prestigious title of “Red Devil”.

I am a Defence Freak who love to write for those who want to SERVE THE COUNTRY with PRIDE. I am currently preparing for Civil Services alongside writing on this website. All I want to say is... HOW'S THE JOSH?


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