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How and When NDA Paper Leaked- All About NDA Paper Leak Case

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On 9th of September, NDA Exam was conducted across various centers over the country. UPSC, the prestigious organization conducts NDA Exam twice every year. There has been not any case of NDA Paper Leak, but in NDA 2 2018, conducted on 9th of September, the case of Paper leak has come into limelight. An NDA aspirant Saurabh Anand was found with a mobile phone in the examination hall and was found cheating, using the answer key he received over the WhatsApp.

Patna senior superintendent of police (SSP) Manu Maharaaj said: “The issue is serious as the boy had clicked photographs of the question paper in the first sitting and circulated in a group. He was caught doing the same in the second sitting.” A joint secretary-rank officer from Union Public Service Commission (UPSC), Delhi, visited Patna to meet senior police officers after the alleged question paper leak. The officer also visited AN College.

How NDA Paper Leak Case Came in Limelight?

NDA Written Exam is conducted in two shifts where 1st shift includes the paper of General Knowledge and the 2nd shift includes English paper. During the 2nd Shift of Exam in AN College Patna, the invigilator witnessed an NDA applicant Saurabh, with a mobile phone.

Saurabh was filing the OMR sheet using his mobile phone. After the invigilator notice this unusual activity by the NDA aspirant, Saurabh was immediately taken under custody and was handover to the local Police.

What is the Current report on NDA Paper Leak?

Police investigated his mobile and found a number that was sharing the entire answer keys to Saurabh through WhatsApp messaging application. After further investigation, it was found that the unknown number was allotted to a JNU student and was even operated from Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi.

Taking the incident as the case of cheating during Examination, the culprit, Saurabh Anand was put under bars under IPC Examination Act and IT Act. But when the UPSC considered it as a sensitive issue, the SIT (Special Investigation Team) was set up to get into this matter and take out sensitive findings.

NDA Guidelines clearly says that taking mobile phones or any other digital gadget is strictly prohibited in the Examination Hall. To keep proper security, even jammers are used to keep the examination premises out of any unwanted use of digital gadgets and ensure healthy examination.

But as the student was found with a mobile phone, the SIT is investigating the source who provided him the phone or permitted him to enter the examination hall with a smartphone. The million dollar question is how the android phone fooled the jammers that were installed in the school?

NDA Paper Also Send to 4 Other Candidates:

In the investigation done till yet, it has been found that the question paper was also sent to 4 other candidates whose number has been found in Saurabh’s android phone. However, NDA Answer Key was not sent to those numbers. To get more information, Saurabh’s mobile has been sent to FSL for more investigation.

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