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Last Minute Preparation Tips for NDA Written Exam [Important Instructions Inside]

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Every year, UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) conducts NDA Written Exam to get young and determined candidates to join the three wings of Indian Defence Forces i.e. Indian Army, Indian Navy, and Indian Air Force. The NDA only permits unmarried boys to join Indian Defence Forces and get permanent commission.

Last Minute Preparation Tips for NDA Written Exam 2018:

  1. If you have already completed your preparation, it’s time to revise it thoroughly and clear your doubts.
  2. You need to start taking practice sets/mock paper. Taking mock papers will help you get speed and the right way to give NDA Exam 2018.
  3. You need to take the printout of NDA 2 2018 Admit Card and keep it ready for the Exam day.
  4. Track your Exam centre and arrange your means of transport in prior. This will omit your tension to arrange your transportation at the last minute.

Here are the Important Instructions for NDA Written Exam:

1. No hard stuff like a hard board, clip board are permitted in the examination hall. You are required to bring HB Pencil to mark your answers in the OMR Sheet given.

2. Apart from your Admit Card and your Original ID, no other document is permitted in the Examination hall. Books, loose sheets, notes, log tables, etc are not allowed inside the hall. In case required, they will be provided in the examination hall.

3. No electronic gadget like a digital watch, digital calculator, smartwatch is not permitted during the Exam. If you have brought any of the electronic means, you are advised to arrange your storage outside the exam centre.

4. If you are bringing any valuables to the examination hall, you will not be permitted to bring them in the examination hall. Also, you will be responsible to keep them outside the hall until the exam is over.

5. You are allowed to follow the instructions given by the invigilator. If you found misbehaving during the exam, your candidature will be cancelled instantly and you will be barred from NDA written exam.

6. If in any case you are found using unfair means during the exam, your candidature will be cancelled and you will not be permitted to attend the exam.

Important Instructions for NDA Exam Answer Sheet Particulars:

  • All the candidates need to write only after instructed by the invigilators.
  • Candidates are not required to write their name anywhere on the OMR sheet except in the Name section given below.
  • Don’t fold your OMR Sheet as it will create an issue in reading your responses and evaluating the results.
  • As NDA Answer sheets will be evaluated using computerized machines, you need to take care of your sheets until you handover it to the invigilators.

In one week before NDA Exam 2018, you need to revise your entire syllabus and clear your doubts (if any). You know that it’s impossible to prepare for NDA Exam in 15 days, but you can easily revise the entire syllabus and take practice sets to boost your answering skills.

So, start your revision for NDA Exam 2018 and clear the written exam with good score.



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