Motivational Story of Captain Pawan Kumar, 10 PARA SF

A golden name written in the history of the people who gave their everything to the Indian Army is Captain Pawan Kumar. It is a name that no one can forget when it comes to paying gratitude and respect to the unseen warriors who have their life while protecting their country, its pride and millions of people. 

In this article, we will learn about such unseen heroes of India and the Indian Army. 

Captain Pawan Kumar- The Hero of India 

Born on January 15,1993 which is also known as the Indian Army Day, Captain Kumar was a young and cheerful officer of his batch. He was a Jat by caste from the Jind district of Haryana. He was good in studies and completed his graduation from Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi. Capt. Kumar always had this passion for doing something for his country, and at a very early age, he decided to join the Indian Army and give his all to the nation. 

The Story of Pampore, Kashmir

Captain Pawan Kumar laid his life for his nation while fighting terrorists in Pampore, Kashmir, as an elite Para commando. He graduated from the 123 courses of the NDA training institute. And later commissioned into the Indian Army on December 14, 2013. He was also part of the 10 Para Special Forces of India. 

Capt. Kumar took part in two successful operations before the Pampore attack in which his troop killed two-three terrorists. 

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During the Pampore attack, Captain Pawan Kumar led his troop from the front lawn to make a volley of fire. The volley of fire was made so quickly by him and his team. He made sure that he got first in any problematic situations and phases. His words and actions always showed his commitment to his uniform, duty, and men. And that’s the reason why he, even though he was injured, agreed to go for the operation rather than go on sick leave.

Capt. Kumar led his men in four operations in which they killed six terrorists. On 26 February, when he got on board the Pampore operation in Jammu & Kashmir, he was still recovering from his last injury. 

Despite several facts, like he was injured, he went close to the marked territory in the targeted building and conducted the operation. He knocked on the door to lob the grenade when the terrorist shot him from very close proximity. But even after his grievous injuries, he keeps on firing to kill as many people as possible. 

All his efforts saved many lives of his troops during the mission. He is truly a man of power and sacrifice. And for his courage and spirit, he was awarded “Shaurya Chakra” on 15th August 2016. 

History will remember Captain Pawan Kumar and his supreme sacrifices for the nation. 

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