New Indian Army Uniform 2022 – First look on January 15

Indian Army is soon going to get a new combat uniform for the soldiers. The first look of new Indian Army uniform will be displayed on 15th of January this month. The uniform of the soldiers has been designed jointly by the Indian Army & National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) keeping ‘MAKE IN INDIA’ in mind. The design which is based on disruptive digital patterns has been created keeping in mind the comfort and different terrains where the soldiers are deployed.

Availability of New Indian Army Uniform

The newly designed fabric for Army’s uniform will be issues to officers and soldiers in batches in their units. It means the fabric will not be available in the open market. According to a senior officer, “Due to security reasons, the newly designed disruptive pattern for the uniform will not be available in the open market.

Indian Army are planning to issue an open tender to the private and public sector companies to meet the requirement of the 13 lakh strong Army. Both the private and public sector companies will supply and make these new Battle Dress Uniforms (BDU).

Fabric For New Uniform for Indian Army

The Ministry of Defence are planning to change the uniform of the Indian Army keeping in mind the different weather conditions and the terrains – extreme hot and sub-zero temperature and the material to be used – Terrycot is not comfortable for the soldier in different conditions as well as the cotton material. Therefore, the material that has been identified to be used is likely to be sturdier and lighter keeping in mind the soldier’s comfort. The Indian Army has also raised concerns about the combat uniforms worn by the paramilitary forces and the state police.

Colour of New Uniform Pattern

The colour of new Indian Army uniform will remain the same i.e. a mix of Olive and earthy colours. Interestingly, the uniform trouser will have additional pockets, in the new design; hence the shirts are not expected to be tucked in.

Other Expectations with New Army Uniform

There could be a change in how the service stripes are displayed. There are plans to move it to the front buttons like major armies across the globe follow.
There could be changes in how the belts are worn to ensure the soldier is comfortable in all different terrains.

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