Who is Mrs Trupti Chavan – Winner of Border Ultra 100 Miles Hell Race

Mrs Trupti Chavan won the Border Ultra 100 Miles (165 km) Hell Race conducted from Jaisalmer to Longewala from 18 to 19 December 2021. She is the only female finisher of this hell race.

Total 48 participants started the race, but only 26 could complete it in the stipulated time and Mrs Trupti Chavan stood strong with a timing of 27 h 38 mins, becoming the only female finisher. It is important to mention that Mrs Chavan achieved this feet inspite of running an additional 19 km due to a wrong turn.

Mrs Trupti Chavan

About Trupti Chavan

She is the wife of Lieutenant Commander Kiran Chavan. Mrs Chavan started running in June 2020 during the lockdown inside Naval station Karanja. She then participated in various events and developed a passion for the sport. Her determination and perseverance resulted in this astonishing feat in a short period of one year.

About Border Ultra 100 Miles Hell Race

The race was organized in the memory of 1971 Longewala battle warriors. It is considered as a Hell Race in view of extreme weather conditions (35 degree temperature during day and 4 degree during night) and almost 50 km of a roller coaster route.

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The route passes through the desert with no shadow for shelter. The hydration points are 10 km apart during the run, which makes it even more challenging.

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