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Meet Nitin Mehta – Ex-Army Officer Turned Model

“When you have a passion for something, the world finds its way to make you achieve your dream.” 

Some people only dream of something, and some put everything into making their dream a reality. One such example that we have today is the military officer turned model- Nitin Mehta

After dedicatedly serving his country for 21 years, Nihal Mehta gave his future life to make his dream a reality. And that was to be a model. And as a matter of fact, he is now a successful model, actor, and a part of many fashion campaigns. 

Ex-Indian Army Officer - Nitin Mehta

Busting the myths of old age that a grown man after his 40s cannot be a model is Nihal’s day-to-day job that he does effortlessly. 

The Army Officer Tuned Model- Nitin Mehta 

Nitin Mehta comes from an army family. And with his father being an ex-army officer, he also decided to join the Indian Army. But after 21 years of well-served service, he had to retire due to his neck injury. 

But as we know, when life closes one door, it opens the other; Nitin got his way to modelling. One time, when he was leaving the airport, a guy caught him with an intense beard look and gave Nitin his number. And with this, Nitin got his first small role in a movie. Though the movie didn’t get any action, it made him realize his potential and interest. 

Then, the army officer gave his efforts to pursue modelling without knowing what would happen in the future. Being clueless in the fashion industry, his father also had reservations about his choice and told him that he was wasting his money on portfolios and shoots. But only one thing came from his mouth, “Dad, just let me give it a shot.

Ex-Army Officer - Nitin Mehta

Nitin started getting publicity and was rewarded with a breakthrough beyond everyone’s expectations. Soon, many opportunities came to Nitin, but the most significant turnover was when he got an invitation from Lakme Fashion Week. 

The Success of a Retired Army Officer 

Nitin not only got opportunities for modelling but for acting as well. His recent work involves a video album “Filhaal,” in which he shared the screen with Akshay Kumar and Nupur Sanon. Not only Akshay and Nupur, but the list also involves Deepika Padukone and many others. 

Nitin says only one line, If you want to achieve your dream, go after them till you achieve it.” 


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