Nitty Gritty About Progressive Group Task (PGT)

After the written examination to join the Indian Army, the selected candidate has to go further for the SSB interview round. The SSB Interview is an amalgamation of various tasks and interviews a candidate must pass to make it to the end. SSB interview consists of 2 Stages- Stage I and Stage 2. While Stage 1 has the OIR test and PPDT, Stage 2 involves Psychological Test, GTO, and Personal Interview. 

A Progressive Group Task is one such task of GTO that checks a candidate’s team leadership qualities, analytical skills, attentiveness, and other qualities. And in today’s post, we will share a few things about Progressive Group Task (PGT). 

What is Progressive Group Task?

Progressive Group Task is that section of a GTO task after the Half Group Task round which checks a candidate’s overall personality, including leadership skills, communication, innovative attitude, cooperative skills, and physical & mental stamina. This task brings the undiscovered side of the student he pronounces in a group under real tricky circumstances. 

After the HGT rounds, the candidates perform the PGT task to finish the GTO round of the SSB Interview. The series of tasks in this round starts with easy ones to go to the extreme that candidates need to finish at the end. It involves 40-45 minutes to complete the series, and you get a score for individual tasks. 

Key points to remember for Progressive Group Task. 

  • All the key points like what they need to carry, supporting material, and other details, are addressed by the Group Task Officer only. 
  • Commands like things not to touch by the candidate and areas that are “out of bounds” are also the responsibility of the GTO. 
  • There are some helping materials like “Phanta” (Wooden Block), “Balli” (Pole), ropes, and ladder, which help in crossing the obstacles. 
  • The GTO will share all the rules and regulations of the tasks, and in the end, students can ask if they have any queries or problems regarding the same. 
  • The task will start further; after passing each one, GTO will take you to another more complex task until the finish line. 
  • The same process will happen for all the groups on that day. 

Rules To Be Followed in a Progressive Group Task 

1. According to the Rigidity Rule of SSB: Two rigid helping materials cannot be tied together. Moreover, they can be connected with the structures for help. 

2. According to the Infinity rule, the start, and the finish lines extend to infinity for every obstacle. Any group cannot directly cross the line.

3. According to the Distance rule, no candidate is allowed to jump a distance greater than 4 feet. For distances greater than 4 feet, a person can use the helping material. 

4. According to the Group and Load Rule, when moving ahead at any instance during the PGT task, the entire group, along with loads and helping material, has to go together.  

5. The Colour Rule: Every structure has a different color that denotes something like: 

White: Both the helping material and candidates can touch them. 

Blue:  Only candidates can touch but not the helping material. 

Red: Not accessible by both candidates and the helping material.  

Things To Remember for a PGT Task 

1. Pay attention to every rule and instruction of the GTO throughout the entire task duration. They also share tips and guidance in riddles between tasks to help officers perform well. If you catch tips on point, you can do better than others. 

2. Ensure that there is no mistake from your side and you follow all the rules precisely. 

3. The riddles and obstacles are kept very basic so that any candidate can solve them using basic skills and common sense. 

4. The task might get easy if you use the Principle of Cantilever or Fulcrum. 

5. Participation includes gestures like cheering up, following directions, and helping other group members during the task. 

6. Every obstacle has three solutions, so do not get stuck to a single way to find the answer. 

7. The one who takes command and leads the entire group has a greater chance of scoring well.

8. Stress can stop you from thinking to the point. So stay calm throughout the duration and make others relax by motivating them. 

9. If you break any rule accidentally, do not argue and admit your mistake. It shows your sincerity and positive attitude. 

Well, that’s it for Progressive Group Task. We hope that all the above-mentioned information will help you score well and finish your task without any problems. We wish luck to all the candidates appearing for the SSB interview. 

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