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Know the Details of Nine GTO Tasks in SSB

When it comes to the selection process of the Indian Army, our officers and the board are stricter than ever in the selection processes. One such process that is important for every candidate to pass is the GTO tasks by SSB.

GTO Tasks include those Group Testing Officers tasks that a candidate has to give to get selected in the Indian Army. These tasks are specially designed to check the team spirit and overall ability of the candidate to work in a team. There are comprehensive 9 tasks in GTO, and each person is judged based on these tasks.

After clearing the SSB written examination, candidates appear for the interview round. And GTO rounds come just after 3-4 days of your SSB interview round. Few students have no idea about GTO tasks which leads to deselection. In this article, we will share the 9 tasks of GTO and how to crack them for 100% selection.

Know the Details of the Nine GTO Tasks by SSB

1. Group Discussion

SSB GTO Group Discussion Task

GD or Group Discussion is the first of the 9 GTO tasks for SSB selection. You will get a topic for your GD with all the other people in the group. All you need is to initiate a healthy debate on the subject and discuss it. Make sure that whatever point you put is insightful and new, as it helps in selection. The motto is not to win but to share accurate information.

2. MPE or GRE (Military/Group Planning Exercise)

Military/Group Planning Exercise

The Group Planning exercise task by SSB helps to identify the problem-solving capability of an individual. In the task, the candidates in a group take up a situation. As a group, they have to find a solution for the situation in 30 minutes. In the end, one person from each group comes across and narrates the solution to the judge.

3. Progressive Group Task

Progressive Group Task

GPE or Group Planning exercise is a group physical activity conducted for each group. SSB regulates some rules for this round, including some props, for example, wooden blogs, rope, and plank. Each group has to untie themselves, and because it is a progressive group task, the difficulty level increases with each obstacle.

4. Snake Race

Snake Race

The 4th task of GTO is the Snake Task which happens with two groups against each other. The group has to compete in a tent that rolls up and looks like a snake.

5. Lecturette

As the name suggests, this task helps check the public speaking qualities of the candidate. Each individual gets to select a topic out of 3-4 cases on which he has to speak for around 3 to 4 minutes. This activity helps judge the person’s overall personality, fluency in speaking, and confidence in front of the crowd.

6. Half Group Task (HGT)

Half Group Task - GTO Tasks

HGT is a special task in which each candidate gets to choose two more from the group in which the authorities kept them. Each candidate gets a unique task that the three have to complete in a certain period with their resources.

7. Individual Obstacles

Individual Obstacles

IO is a crucial and essential task of GTO in which the authorities check the stamina, power, essential ability, concentration, and many other things of a candidate. A set of physical tasks that a candidate has to complete in time. The speed and decision-making ability are something that authorities check in this task.

8. Command Task

Command Task

As the name says, the officers check their commanding power and capacity over other candidates for a given situation in this task. Each candidate has to choose two others from their group. Later on, he must select a specific obstacle according to his selected candidates’ capabilities and present resources.

9. Final Group Task

Final Group Task

This is the final task of the GTO Tasks series and certainly the most difficult one. The length and difficulty of this task are high. The activities are somehow similar to the ones in Progressive Task ones.

And with this, your GTO Tasks gets over. Now all you need is to wait for the final result.

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