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Powerful Weapons of Indian Armed Force

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India is a huge country developing day by day. As Indian army is stepping upward in every aspect, so having powerful weapons is one of the prime achievement. But day by day Indian armed force is updating its machinery and weapons. These weapons help Indian army in any kind of threat or any problem happen inside the country. Being an Indian or if you are going to face SSB than it’s obvious to know about all these powerful weapons. Here are some of them.  


It is a supersonic missile, having solid propellant booster engine. It has supersonic speed, stealth technology and guidance system with advanced software that provides missile a special feature.it is short range ramjet cruise missile that can be launched from land and even from aircraft, ships, and submarines.in the army artillery it is the fastest cruise missile.   

When compared to other missiles it has three times the flight range, 9 times kinetic energy. Special features of this missile are, it is universal for multiple platforms. Based on fire and forget operation. Low radar signature. Pinpoint accuracy with high lethal power aided by large kinetic energy on impact. Having varieties of flight trajectories it has long flight range.


If we talk about the king of the ocean then it is INS Vikramaditya. It is also known as the mini city on the Indian Ocean. It is India’s largest aircraft carrier. In the Indian Ocean, it is the 45000 tons refurbished carrier.

It is the latest aircraft carrier, and the largest ship ever operated. It has the capacity beyond the imagination; INS Vikramaditya has the capacity to deploy 24 MIG-29K fighters along with 6 ASW/AEW helicopters.  

And this gives the Indian navy the most powerful projection tool. The carrier classifies as the STOBAR carrier is having the Russian electronic and sensor that protects them to be tracked by the airborne radar system and the carrier will receive the Barak 8-SAM for the self- defence during the first refit.  To launch fighters, it has the ski jump and arrestor wires to recover them.


Sukhoi SU-30 MKI is the Twinjet Multirole air superior fighter developed by the Russian Sukhoi and is built under the license by the India’s Hindustan aeronautics limited.

It is the aircraft that defined the Indian air force in the 21st century. Build according to the Indian specification it is long range and 4.5+ gen fighter. As it is originated from Russia but further it is modified with French, Israel and Indian avionics.  

Here I Stand for INDIA in Su-30 MKI. It is outstanding in front of any other fighters in the region as it has 4000+ Km range, for 8000 kg of weapons it has 12 hard points, and PESA bar radars.

Recently it is used for air defense and ground attack. It is assumed that it can do the job of 2 MIG-29 and two jaguars combined. To make it a deadly platform for suppression/ destruction of Indian air defence which is the important part of modern warfare to sanitize the enemy threat, it is integrated with several electronic jamming pods and anti -radiation missiles.


T-90s Bhishma is the main battle tank of Russian third generation. In the T-series of Russian tanks, it is the latest development and represents the increased firework, mobility, and protection. Being an operator of over 5000 T55/72 tanks it is quite sure why Indian army chose the T-90s as their replacement.

It weighs about 48 tons and has the crew of 3 which is made possible by the use of an auto-loader for the smoothbore gun of 12.7 mm. the main feature of this tank is even having the 12.7 bore gun at the top the commander can remotely control from inside the turret.  

As compared to the gas turbines T-80 it is powered by the diesel which makes maintenance easier and reduces the fuel consumption. As it is downgraded variants of the Russian T-90a, but the India has fitted it with the Israel, French and Swedish subsystem to make it better than the Russian variant.

It has the 1A4GT integrated fire control system which is automatic with manual override for the commander. IFCS have the gunner 1A43 day fire control system gunner TO1-KO1 thermal imaging sight which can target ranging from 1.2 km to 1.5 km and commander’s PNK-S sight.   This was all about the powerful weapons of the military which are fighting against the enemy threats, but here is something about drones which INDIA bought from Israel.

Under project cheetah, the Indian air force is upgrading the equipment its Israel made UAV with missiles which will be carried out surgical strikes without risking the lives of soldiers. Indian air force is working to fleet of UAVs with missile capability and snooping capabilities that target terrorists and their hideouts.  


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