Thematic Apperception Test (TAT) Sample Stories – II

Thematic Apperception Test 
Story Theme: Man Getting Charge of New Posting

Theft cases were on the hike in the Bhilwara. In a deep discussion among the top brass of the city, inspector Amit was given the task to nap the related people. Just after getting the task, Amit went through all previous theft incident files and made a plan by inquiring from the local people and his informers. He maintained continuous patrolling in the area and with his playing, he laid down a trap for the robbers by placing his men in civil dress. He observed the scene and after he heard the shout of some people yelling for the thief, he went to the place with 2 men and blocked the robber from another door by sending two of his men there. The two robbers started firing on the police with desi katta, Amit confused and engaged them and stormed ion them from the window hitting vital past of one of them and forcefully laying down the other. He took them to the police station, interrogated them and successively nabbed the entire gang.

Story Theme: Man Helping a Boy on Ground

After completing BSc from physical education from JNU university and garbing 3rd position in college, Amit was offered an offer in vanish college, Biwandi to train the student for sprint events. He accepted the proposal. After joining the college, he met with the candidates and found that the college has not won a single medal from last 4 years. All top 6 sprint runners were efficient but not well directed. He talked to them discussed with them and came to the conclusion that they need a schedule and deep practice. He took practice sessions in the morning, noon and evening, told them about diet, ran with them, motivated them. Made them do basic physical exercises best for sprint runners. He showed them the videos, strategies of best runners like power, bolt etc. During the annual university sports meet, his candidates won 4 medals and were selected for next level. He motivated the two who did not made it and told them to get selected next time.


Story Theme: Girl Sitting on Study Table (Studying)


Akshay was a clerk in the bank of Baroda. Her sister had just passed her under graduation. While his father was finding a suitable bridegroom for her, Akshay motivated her sister to be self-reliant and prepare for competitive exams. He discussed the entire thing with her and she decided to become a PO in the bank. Being a banker, Akshay bought her books for preparation, got her admitted in YUWAM institute, bought her a second-hand scooter, searched mock sample papers, guess papers, the experience of candidates who had earlier appeared for the exam. She cleared the IBPS pre and mains exam with good marks. He got her admitted in interview classes, made some of newly recommended PO in his bank to met with her sister and she got tips for interview. He took mock interview of her and booster her moral and confidence. With her confident approach, she cleared the interview and got the seat in the Punjab national bank.

Story Theme: Boy Sitting on Study Table

Ramesh was a final year, BSc student. He aims at joining DU’s MSc department to continue his further studies. He prepared hard and gave best in his BSc exams. After getting free from exams, he started preparing for DU competitive exam. He collected all his books and arranged the missing books from juniors and sub-juniors. He took help of internet and sample papers to get the idea, syllabus, and type of questions. Further, he took advice from one of his neighbor who had passed the exam. After continuous enquiring, he applied for the competitive exams after getting the news of notification. He finalized his preparation by attempting previous year papers. He attempted the exam and predicted his performance and waited for his results and cut off. After one month his BSc result came and he got the 3rd position in his department and also got in the merit of DU. After attending convocation day at his UG college he joined the DU and worked hard in his PG.

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