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Remembering Flying Officer Nirmal Jit Singh Sekhon – A Hero for Generations

Since its formation, the Indian Air Force has been protecting the country and has played a significant role in many significant operations like Kargil War, Operations like Cactus, Meghdoot, and many more. And some heroes have played significant roles in major operations, and one such example is Flying Officer Nirmal Jit Singh Sekhon

Nirmal Jit Sekhon was a pilot of the No. 18 Squadron unit of the Gnat Detachment. His posting was made in Srinagar, and his major duties involved defence against the Pakistani air attacks in the valley. 

Back in 1948, the air force didn’t have any aircraft based in Kashmir, which made it difficult for Nirmal Jit Singh to understand the basics of driving an aircraft, especially in a cold and breezy place. Nirmal and his fellow pilots enthusiastically fought against the Pakistani planes despite the cold weather and outbound conditions. They never gave a moment to make the country take its head down. 

The Real Life Hero- Nirmal Jit Singh 

On 14th December 1971, in Srinagar, a group of six Sabre aircraft of the enemy team built an attack on the airfield. Soon when Nirmal Jit came to know, he was ready to answer them. Due to the cloud of dust formed by the rival aircraft, he could not fly the aircraft for once. But as soon as it became ready to fly, officer Singh took no seconds to reach the sky. Being under an attack didn’t stop him from fighting against the troop of 6 aircraft, and he single-handedly took charge of destroying them. 

As soon as he reached the sky, he started firing to destroy Sabre one by one. Eventually, the weight of all the aircraft together won over his own weight while crossing a long tree. His plane crashed and burnt. 

And that’s how by compromising his life, he achieved his goal as the rival aircrafts left the field without achieving their mission of attacking the town and creating damage. 

Officer Nirmal Jit Singh won many awards, including Param Vir Chakra and other gallant medals, for his bravery and never-giving-up spirit. The nation salutes heroes like Nirmal Jit Singh, and he will always be in the hearts of people.

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