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11 Reasons Why You Get Screen Out In SSB Screening Test

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What are the reasons for getting Screen Out in SSB Screening test? Most of you will always ask this question after being screen out in SSB. It is really sad to get rejected on the first day of your test. After being screen out in Screening Test, you will never get the actual reasons for your rejection. In the 5-days SSB Selection procedure, Screening is the first stage which filters the candidates for the second phase of SSB Interview.

Brief About SSB Screening Test:

SSB Screening test is the first phase of SSB Interview where you undergo two tests i.e. SSB OIR Test and PPDT (Picture Perception & Description Test). It’s important to clear both the exam to get shortlisted for Phase II of the SSB Interview. The Phase II of SSB will include Psychology test, Personal Interview, GTO Task.

The whole Screening Test is executed in a single day which generally starts early morning followed by the result declaration in afternoon. There is not any specific ration for Screen out candidates, but all that matters is the presentation in both the exams. Most of the candidates get screen out due to PPDT (Picture Perception and Description Test)

If you are screen out recently, you will obviously ask for the reasons that can be your rejection factor. So, here are 11 strong reasons that led you to screen out in SSB.

11 Strong Reasons of Getting Screen out in SSB

Lack of Understanding Skills:

When it comes to PPDT, it’s important to understand the whole situation and idea. There are many candidates, who fail to have the clear idea of what the SSB interviewer is asking for and what has been suggested to the candidates. This leads to multiple issues during the Screening test. Even anyhow you get shortlisted in Phase-I, you will find trouble in Phase-II and hence your chances of rejection in Phase-II will be high.

Poor Communication & Analytical Skills:

The Screening test in SSB demands the blend of two skills i.e. good communication skills and good analytical skills. The Analytical skills are highly important to attempt maximum questions in the OIR Test in SSB Screening. Similarly, the communication skill is important to lead the group during picture Perception & description test. Your English Speaking skill will be visible to the SSB Invigilator easily, causing your rejection.

Negativity in Mind:

There are many candidates who always have a negative mentality. For any negative image, they will start visualizing a negative theme, resulting in a negative story. For every story shown in Screening, the SSB Interviewer expects an appealing story with positivity and positive output.

Being negative, you build up a negative story that results in a rough discussion. Even a negative story will be disliked by other candidates that will lead you towards rejection in the first day of SSB.

Preconceived Scripts/Coaching:

This is one of the major reasons behind your rejection in the Screening test. Today, most of the SSB interviewer dislikes candidates which have undergone SSB coaching.

The preconceived coaching always put a negative impact on the assessors, resulting in your rejection. If you screen out in SSB and have undergone coaching in a wrong way, all your investment and effort goes into veins.

Lack of Basic Knowledge:

Basic knowledge is very important in every Armed Force Officer. The assessors always look for the candidates who have the collective ration of analytical, communication skills. But along with that, the basic knowledge is a must.

The basic knowledge will always help you understand the instructions given during Psychological test, Interview and GTO Test. In Screening, the basic knowledge can help you score good marks in OIR test.

Poor Time Management:

Time is a major factor that is important for every Officer. From strategy planning till instructions, everything needs proper time management. To attempt maximum questions in OIR test, time management is highly important. Similarly, the time management is also required to write a complete story within the given time (4 minutes).

Limited Lifestyle:

An open exposure is always appreciated and gives many advantages during the Screening test in SSB. Candidates with restricted lifestyle always have low thinking capability and even lack decision-making. Your restricted lifestyle doesn’t allow you to speak frankly and fluently in front of the assessors.

Bad Story Narration:

During the SSB screening, you need to build a story around a picture shown. But it’s important to narrate the store well in front of the group as well as SSB Assessors. Your narration can result into your rejection in SSB if you don’t narrate well in the PPDT. The bad story narration is a result of lack of practice before attending the SSB.

Inappropriate Body Language:

The body language is a big factor that adds or subtracts the points in your selection. During the Screening test, your personality is judged during the PPDT where you are instructed to sit in a circle and narrate the story followed by a group discussion to conclude a common story.

Lack of Imagination:

If you are not able to build a world of imagination, it will be hard for you develop an imaginary story based on the image/picture shown. This problem occurs when you live in restricted lifestyle. It has been observed that candidates who love reading books or watching movies have strong imagination power as compared to other candidates.

So, these are the all the reasons which have led you to screen out in SSB. If you one of the screened out candidate in the recent past, what reason you find behind your rejection? Share the reason in the comment section below. We will help you overwhelming it and get selected in your next attempt.

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