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How to Prepare For Lecturette in SSB and Build a Positive Impact

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Lecturette is an important part of your SSB interview. You need to prepare for lecturette in SSB to boost your selection chances. Most of you would have a question “how to prepare for lecturette in SSB”. Well, lecturette is the part of the whole battery of GTO Test that takes two days during the 5-days SSB Interview.  Lecturette tests your mental skills when you are allowed to speak on a particular topic for a prescribed time limit.

Before moving on the essential tips to prepare for lecturette in SSB, you need to know about the lecturette process in SSB. The lecturette is a part of GTO task s which is held at the first or second day of GTO. During the lecturette, you are given four options out of which you need to pick a topic and share your ideas for 3 minutes.

Prior to the narration, you are given 3 minutes to prepare for the lecturette. All the candidates are analyzed on the basis of their English speaking skills, mental ability and knowledge about a particular topic. The lecturette also presents your presentation abilities in front of the group as well as assessors.

Different Types of Lecturette Topics in SSB

As mentioned earlier, you are offered four topics out of which you need to choose one topic and recite your idea over it. It is assumed that the topics written on the stripe become easy as we move from top to bottom. It means the first topic will require good research and is hard to speak. However, the last topic of lecturette is very simple that might even consist of the lecturette topics like “My favorite Subject, My Favorite Teacher,” etc.

Points to Prepare for Lecturette in SSB

Always Choose The Topic You Are Confident:

Selecting a tough topic can never assure your selection. Instead, it can lead to negative impact on the assessors if you fail to deliver the lecturette in a right manner.

Collect As Much Facts As Possible:

The time of 3 minutes is basically given to prepare for the lecturette and collect as many facts as possible. The more you add facts in your lecturette, more will be its impact on the SSB assessors.

Practice In Front Of Mirror:

Practice is very important when it comes to holding a good command on lecturette in SSB. Start practicing in front of the mirror and overwhelm your shyness. The more you practice the better you will build a command on your confidence level.

Maintain Eye Contact:

Whenever you deliver the lecturette make sure you maintain the eye contact with the group. It’s important to make an eye contact with each and every group member. It’s important to address each and every chest number of the group.

Adopt Bold Body Posture:

As you need to deliver the lecturette in a standing posture, it’s important to be bold and straight. During the lecturette delivery, your bold body posture will not only add confidence but also draws positive impact on the SSB assessors. Your bold attitude during the lecturette delivery.

Think in English:

The time given for the preparation of lecturette in SSB is basically to plan your ideas and orate the same in front of the SSB group. To build an impact, its good to think the facts and ideas in English. It will help you express the same easily without any hassle. Thinking your ideas in English will smoothen your lecturette delivery in front of the group.

So, these are some of the vital tips that most of you must follow to build a good command on lecturette delivery in the SSB. GTO collective score matters a lot in your recommendation and hence, all the defense aspirants must try to score maximum in it.

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