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SSB Preparation Tips

India China Hotline – What’s Important for SSB Interview

Most of the defense aspirants are already aware about the new India China Hotline. With this, it has become a hot topic for the...

What is Self Description Test in SSB (SDT in SSB)?

SDT (Self Description Test) is the last activity of the psychology test, conducted on Day-2 of SSB interviews. It is one of four psychological...

COVID-19 Instructions for SSB Interview

COVID-19 Instructions for SSB Interview: Due to ongoing COVID-19 across the globe, the Indian Army, Navy, and Air Force have announced the COVID-related guidelines...

List of Indian Navy Athletes in Tokyo Olympics 2021

Indian Navy has always been the ocean of opportunities. Like every other organization, it encourage the soldiers to showcase excellence in different fields. Tokyo...

What Are Rapid Fire Questions in SSB & How to Answer Them?

PI (Personal Interview) is the part of the 5 days testing, Rapid Fire Questions asked by individuals during the Personal Interview. In rapid-fire 5-10...

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