How to Develop Officer Like Qualities – OLQ For SSB

In order to be an officer or soldier of the Defence Force of India, students must not only possess good interpersonal skills, academic advantage, and physical strength, but also those officer-like qualities that put them ahead of others during the interview. 

After the entrance examination for the Indian army, students have to clear the SSB interview which consists of various rounds and tasks. But in addition to the physical tasks and group discussions, a student is also judged based on the personality and behavior they incur throughout the time.  

By personality, we mean the interpersonal skills, leadership qualities, and situation-handling traits that the candidate possesses while performing the tasks. And in today’s post, we will share with you some tips on how to develop officer-like qualities and increase your chance of getting selected in the SSB round. 

How to Develop Officer-Like Qualities – OLQ For SSB

1. Go with Confidence 

To clear the SSB round, you must possess officer-like qualities and the most important thing for the same is having confidence in what you do and when you share knowledge with others. For that, you can talk to any senior in the same field and must share something when you are sure about that; doing this will automatically build your confidence. 

2. Reasoning Ability 

The ability to think reasonably when it comes to sudden challenges that might come your way during group tasks and discussions comes under reasoning ability. You must answer all the questions asked during the interviews after thinking twice. And for that, you can start reading newspapers, articles on Defence Forces, and books that will help you make a fair opinion on a particular topic.

3. Power of Expression 

Not only know any particular topic, but to be qualified as an officer you must know how to share it and in what manner. A candidate needs to put his thoughts and ideologies most straightforwardly so that others understand it. 

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For having this quality, you can practice your deliverance in front of the mirror or give an interview in front of your friends and family. You can also take books on self-development to develop the power of expressive qualities.

4. Stamina 

For cleaning the physical rounds like a professional, you must be physically strong and must have great stamina. If you have what it takes to be an officer, you will guide others during the tasks performed in the SSB rounds, and that will show your OLQ qualities in front of others. 

5. Initiative 

The most important thing for developing officer-like qualities is by starting to take initiative for any challenge or situation that comes your way. During any challenge or group discussion, you must take the initiative to take any risk for the entire group.

And for this risk-taking behavior, you have to start from basics like taking charge of your home and its affairs. You can also opt for some extracurricular activities. 

6. Quality to Influence Others Effectively 

If you want to clear the 5-day SSB round, you must possess the ability to influence others easily without any doubt. You must know how to play with someone’s mind and influence others in any group discussion or task. 

You can read a few books or possess confidence while dealing with such situations to ensure everyone’s aligned with your thought process. 

7. Courage 

A must quality for every SSB candidate is to show enormous courage and determination towards any challenge that comes their way. As a candidate, you must show great courage to take up any risk for the team and yourself. 

Other than this, to be the ideal candidate for SSB selection, you must possess qualities like self-confidence, liveliness, a sense of responsibility, organizing abilities, effective intelligence, and overall an officer-like personality. 

After reading this article, we hope you are halfway there to start the learning process and wish you all the best for your next interview. 

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