How to Deal Rapid Fire Questions in SSB Interview

Personal Interviews have been a tricky part of any selection process that a student goes through, especially regarding the SSB Interview process. The pressure to be selected as an officer looks straight away on your face on the day if you are not fully prepared and confident. 

The SSB interview consists of many rounds and sections a candidate must clear to get to the final selection. Each section is unique and needs preparation solely for that round. And, today we will share some tips on how to score well on Rapid Fire Question in an SSB interview.  

What Are Rapid Fire Questions in SSB Interview? 

Rapid Fire is a particular round in the SSB screening process in which the interviewer asks questions to a candidate according to their PIQ (Performance Intelligence Quotient) form details. The only difference in this round is that the speed of questions is breakneck to analyze the candidate’s ability to respond under tense situations. 

A series of inquiries or questions will be given to you that you have to remember and then arrange your answers in the same order. 

How To Deal With Rapid Fire Questions?

The main objective of rapid-fire questions is to analyze a candidate’s confidence and ability to respond under pressure. So it is just a game of giving quick and meaningful answers in one go. Here are a few things that you can do during your rapid-fire round: 

  1. Show that you are confident while giving the answers and during discussions. 
  2. Make sure you know the questions’ sequence and prepare answers in the same order. Do not skip or replace any question with another. 
  3. Remember one thing- they only check how you fabricate pressure and restrain it. 
  4. Be calm and quiet as it helps to recall questions more rapidly and effectively. 
  5. They will check your cognitive ability, thought process and quickness in every task. 
  6. Do not ever show that you are stressed or anxious. It is a simple interview, and any student can score well if they are calm. 

The questions asked are basic and can be quickly answered without giving them much thought. Here are the types of questions asked in the rapid-fire round:

  • What is the meaning of your name?
  • What is your percentage in the 10th or 12th standard?
  • Why do you want to join the Defence Force? 
  • Tell me about your family?
  • Tell me about your friends?
  • Who is your closest friend, and why? 

And many more

A candidate can easily answer these questions and score well in the rapid-fire round. All you need is focus and proper attention throughout the time. We wish all the students good luck with their SSB interviews. 

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