How To Prepare For SSB Screening

Are you a candidate who has passed the entrance level examination for the Defense Service of India to appear for the SSB screening? The SSB screening test consists of two sections; candidates have to pass both sections in order to clear the SSB screening

The SSB screening consists of two sections that are 

  1. PPDT (Picture Perception and Discussion Test) 
  2. OIR (Officer Intelligence and Rating Test) 

This article will help you prepare for SSB screening and score good points. 

How To Prepare For SSB Screening

To mark a good score in SSB screening, you must start preparations at least two months before the original SSB screening test. It will give you enough time, but it will also make you confident for the coming interview.

1. Self Practice 

Self-practice is a must if you are preparing for SSB because eventually, it is you who has to give the tests. The OIR test involves students picking topics and preparing for them one by one. More practice will make the students score better in the final screening. 

Try solving the sample papers for the Officer Intelligence Rating Test, and you can crack the actual test with good scores.

2. Take Help From The Books 

There are many renowned publishers who have given books involving all the courses for SSB interviews. Whether it is R.S Agarwal for Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning or English communication, all the books are suitable for OIR test preparation.

3. Take Communication Tests 

Working on your communication is essential, especially for the story narration in one of the screening tasks. You can take help from your friends and family to practice story-telling to be fully prepared for SSB. 

4. Learn About Verbal and Non-Verbal Tests  

Verbals and Non Verbal tests help the interviewer check your logical and intelligence quotient. You have to show your inborn intelligence and focus on solving the questions by finding the suitable logic; further, the question becomes quite easy. 

Here are the topics to prepare yourself: 

  • Analogy 
  • Jumble Words 
  • Reverse Order 
  • Blood Relation 
  • Speed, Distance and Time 

SSB screening tests are not very difficult, and any person can crack all the SSB sections with good marks. All you need is proper guidance, focus and time management. We wish all the best to students preparing for the SSB screening in 2022. 

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