SSCW Tech 23 Merit List Released – 26 Women Selected for OTA Training

Indian Army has released SSCW Tech 23 Merit List that includes the names of 26 women who have been selected to Join Indian Army for Short Service Commission. The List of SSCW Tech Merit List candidates have been released on the official website (

The Female candidates who appeared for the SSCW Tech 23 SSB can check their names in the list.  Indian Army has already released SSC Tech 52 Men Merit List a few days back and has now released the list of women candidates.

Below is the List of Merit-In Candidates for SSCW (Tech) 23 Course, April 2019:

Civil Engineering (Total Vacancies: 04):

  • Ipupu Mena (750962)
  • Dauli Butola (753061)
  • Surbhi Jakhmola (755383)
  • Anjali Nair (750048)

Mechanical Engineering (Total Vacancies: 03):

  • Priyanka Verma (757830)
  • Divya Patel (751770)
  • Sakshi Chaturvedi (751789)
  • Gurram Kondu Sudha (755983)
  • M Spandana Reddy (753653)

Electrical/ Electrical & Electronics (Total Vacancies: 02):

  • Kreeshma R (756785)
  • Simran Kaur (750281)
  • Aparajita (756628)
  • Sushmita Banerjee (754590)

Computer Science and Engineering/ Computer Technology, Information Technology/ M.Sc. Computer Science (Total Vacancies: 03):

  • Anjali Tomar (755298)
  • Pooja (750058)
  • Vaishnavi Srivastava (752450)
  • Apoorva Pandey( 750462)
  • Pragati N Pathak (750642)
  • Himanshi Gupta (750217)

Electronics and Telecommunication/ Telecommunication/ Electronics & communication/ Satellite communication (Total Vacancies: 03):

  • Tuishpreet Chhatwal (750647)
  • Akansha Gomes (750078)
  • Shamli Singh (751029)
  • Priyanka Verma (754872)
  • Sneha Pandey (751066)
  • Sonam Solanki (753726)
  • Richi Agarwal (750788)
SSCW Tech 23 Merit List Screenshot
SSCW Tech 23 Merit List

According to the Indian Army, the joining instructions for those who have been selected to join Indian Army through SSCW Tech-Entry will be released shortly.

Below are some commonly asked questions related to SSCW Tech 23:

What job will I do after getting selected in SSCW (tech)?

There are multiple branches in the Indian Army where women officers are deployed. This includes SSC officers in the army are Corps of Signals, Engineers, Army Aviation, Army Air Defence, Electronics and Mechanical Engineers, Army Service Corps, Army Ordnance Corps, and the Intelligence Corps. Among them, the Female candidates who are selected for Technical branches join the technical branches that include Electronics and Mechanical Engineers, Corps of Signals and Engineers. So Female Officers join the Technical branch of Indian Army after OTA Training.

What kind of training is given in SSCW Tech Entries in OTA?

There is no difference in terms of training for Tech female cadets and Non-Tech female cadets. All the Lady Cadets are given the same amount of training at the same level. However, the stream specific training is given differently to all the lady cadets who are selected for different branches of the Indian Army.

Congratulations to Merit-in Candidates

Click Here to Check Official List

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