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UPSC CDS Previous Year Paper with Answer Key [2010 – 2022]

Are you preparing for CDS Exam?? You want to download CDS previous year paper solved PDF. UPSC CDS previous year paper with solution is helpful to understand the CDS written exam, its pattern, marking scheme and build your CDS preparation strategy accordingly. At SSBToSuccess, you can download CDS previous year paper from 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2021.

If you are a defense aspirant who wants to join IMA, OTA, AFA, or INA, it’s essential to practice for CDS Exam previous year paper. Below you will get CDS previous year question papers and answer keys sorted yearly basis.

CDS Exam Pattern For IMA, INA, AFA

SubjectDurationMaximum Marks
English Language 2 hrs100
General Knowledge2 hrs100
Elementary Mathematics2 hrs100

CDS Exam Pattern for OTA

SubjectDurationMaximum Marks
English2 hrs100
General Knowledge2 hrs100

CDS Marking Scheme for IMA, INA, AFA

CDS PaperEnglishGKMathematics
Maximum Marks100100100
Marks for Correct answer+1 marks for each correct option+1 marks for each correct option+1 marks for each correct option
Negative marking-0.33 marks for each wrong answer-0.33 marks for each wrong answer-0.33 marks for each wrong answer

CDS Previous Year Paper & Answer Key [2010 -2021]

CDS 1 2021 Question Paper

CDS 1 2021 Answer Key

CDS 2 2020 Question Paper

CDS 2 2020 Answer Key

CDS 1 2020 Question Paper

CDS 1 2020 Answer Key

CDS 2 2019 Question Paper

CDS 2 2019 Answer Key

CDS 1 2019 Question Paper

CDS 1 2019 Answer Key

CDS 2 2018 Question Paper

CDS 2 2018 Answer Key

CDS 1 2018 Question Paper

CDS 1 2018 Answer Key

CDS 2 2017 Question Paper

CDS 2 2017 Answer Key

CDS 1 2017 Question Paper

CDS 1 2017 Answer Key

CDS 2 2016 Question Paper

CDS 2 2016 Answer Key

CDS 1 2016 Question Paper

CDS 1 2016 Answer Key

CDS 2 2015 Question Paper

CDS 2 2015 Answer Key

CDS 1 2015 Question Paper

CDS 1 2015 Answer Key

Commonly Asked Questions Related to CDS Written Exam

Is CDS a tough exam?

Generally, Levvel of CDS exam lies between Moderate to Difficult. However, you can easily clear the CDS Exam with regular practice.

Do CDS questions repeat?

Yes, in mathematics and English, there are a few questions that may repeat. However, it is ensured not many questions repeat in the CDS exam to maintain its standards.

Is CDS tougher than NDA?

No, the CDS is a 10th-standard level exam that you can clear if your basic concepts of English, General Knowledge, and Mathematics are clear. CDS is a graduation level exam, whereas NDA is a 12th level exam; hence the NDA exam is easy compared to CDS exam.

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