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What is Self Description Test in SSB (SDT in SSB)?

SDT (Self Description Test) is the last activity of the psychology test, conducted on Day-2 of SSB interviews. It is one of four psychological tests. The individual is asked to write five separate paragraphs in each context about the opinion of his parents/guardian, friends, teachers.

Meaning of SDT (Self Description Test)

SDT describes what is ‘I’ that is self or anything related to that individual, like describe parents opinion ( what they think about you ?), what kind of person you are, what your friends think about you, they will check whether you are adaptable or not and what you write they will check that traits like if you have written that “I am polite “then interviewer sees it by putting you in a pressure situation and judge (whether you are polite or not ), Be honest. 

Questions included in Self Description Test

  • What do your parents think of you?
  • What do your friends think about you?
  • What do your teachers think about you?
  • What do you think about yourself?
  • What sort of person do you want to become in life?

 Rules for Self Description Test (SDT)

Candidates get 15 minutes and are asked to write 5 different paragraphs regarding the above questions you have seen.

You can write anything and everything that comes into your mind, but you should be aware that it would directly project your qualities. The description should be honest and not too critical; always give balanced viewpoints about your personality.

Why is SDT conducted?

SDT is primarily conducted to collect and assess the character traits of the candidate. If someone is capable of assessing himself, he can surely evaluate others. On the other hand, in SDT, candidates write about their previous lives, making it easy to judge a candidate’s maturity level.

Do and Don’ts for SDT


  • Be attentive to what the psychologist instructs.
  • Maintain good writing and speed also.
  • Try to be honest and truthful.
  • Everybody has good and bad parts, so be free to write both.
  • Write points that reveal real traits of your personality.


  • Do not write strong negative points about yourself. There is much difference in weaknesses and negative qualities.
  • Always write in the paragraph.
  • Never copy self-description from others.

Importance of Self Description Test (SDT)

The psychologist will confirm his observation about the candidate. The best way to describe the candidate is to be truthful and faithful to himself. You should always write balanced SDT, not overestimate and underestimate.

Note: Before going to SSB, ask yourself, ask your friends about your good or bad traits, from your parents what changes they need and what are the good and bad qualities you have; introspection is the best way to write the good SDT. SSB is not a one-day task; it’s a lifestyle (you get Officer Like Qualities in you when you change your lifestyle).

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