What Are OLQ’s and How to Cultivate OLQ’s in Yourself

A simple question asked by every candidate does you have OLQs in you. SSB tests all the OLQs in the candidate. But before discussing how to cultivate you must know what are the OLQs. In order to be a successful military officer, there are 15 Officer Like Qualities that you must have.

  1. Organising ability
  2. Social adaptability
  3. Power of expression
  4. Effective intelligence
  5. Sense of responsibility
  6. Ability to influence
  7. Initiative
  8. Stamina
  9. Courage
  10. Self-confidence
  11. Co-operation
  12. Quickness of decision
  13. Determination
  14. Liveliness
  15. Reasoning ability

To serve the country you must be the best military officer. For this, you have to develop your personality. How can you cultivate these OLQs in yourself to develop your personality? SSB is the exam that brings out your real personality and character that you want to try to conceal. You must know how to implement these qualities in you.

1. Organizing Ability

To develop this quality you must take part in various competitions like drama, skits etc. try to engage yourself in the household activities like organizing the lifestyle and small functions. Be a volunteer in stage programs.  

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2. Social Adaptability

To make yourself active, try to shed off your shyness. Go out and make a good relation with others talk with them and initiate you in the group. Always be ready to sacrifice your personal comfort for the group. Try to participate in group activities in colleges, school or any organization that you belong.

3. Power of Expression

Sometimes knowing everything is not sufficient, if you have bad communication skill it will ruin all the chance of yours. To improve this you must develop your speaking skills. To luster your performance in SSB, this approach is essential. You must be able to speak English very fluently. To have good control on English have a good dictionary, talk to people who have good speaking skills, listen to English songs and news, and try to talk in English whenever possible.

4. Effective Intelligent

This you can learn from your life. Try to solve the problem yourself without waiting for somebody else. This will increase effective intelligence in you and you can easily find the solution for any problem.

5. The Sense of Responsibility

Irresponsibility is not in the SSB dictionary. They don’t need irresponsible idiots. You must accept responsibilities. For this, you should be active and ready to fulfill your assignment at any cost.

6. Ability to Influence

Because of your personality you must have the ability to invoke the inspiration in everyone. For this robust personality is necessary. You must go through online personality development tricks and read about great leaders who have inspiring personality.

7. Initiative

Always tries to initiate everything. Be a leader in all the activities then you will see people will follow you like mice. You must be initiative and try to complete the assignment. To be a leader initiative is the necessary quality.

8. Stamina

By doing regular exercise you must keep yourself active and fit. Try to develop strong biceps and hip muscles as they are helpful in SSB. As it keeps you active not physically but mentally too.

9. Courage

As it is an inborn quality of an individual but it can be developed. Confidence and determination help you to develop courage in you. Always remember that brave dies only once while a coward dies many times in his life.

10. Self-Confidence

Always remember that nothing can stop you in achieving your goal. Believe in yourself and your skills. Undertake every task that is assigned to you. Participate in competitions to increase confidence in you. Never be over confident.

11. Co-operation

Try to be social and adaptive. You must be capable of associating with an unknown person. Never do leg pulling.

12. Quickness of Decision

The quickness of decision to make the perfect decision play games like rapid chess. Field commander should take the quick decision at the short period. Playing strategy games or military games decrease your decision-making time.

13. Determination

Determination is the key to success. Reading helps you to be determinate. Read books of great leaders. The determination can be increased by participating in competitions.

14. Liveliness

Lazy people are not for SSB. Be active and cheerful. Always be ready to participate in various activities.

15. Reasoning Ability

Here you must be able to find the reason for everything. As practice makes a man perfect, so practice solving the various complex situations.

All the candidates having a dream to serve the country wants to clear the SSB but for this, you have all these qualities that develop your personality. Don’t take SSB as the competition; take it as the step to become a perfect person with all these qualities.

I am a Defence Freak who love to write for those who want to SERVE THE COUNTRY with PRIDE. I am currently preparing for Civil Services alongside writing on this website. All I want to say is... HOW'S THE JOSH?


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