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Word Association Test Examples PDF For SSB [500+ WAT SSB Examples]

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The most common search on Google is ‘watssb’ as Word Association Test is considered as a tricky test that is conducted in the SSB. Most of you have seen numerous WAT SSB samples on the internet that is limited to a few WAT words. Below are 500+ WAT SSB examples which have been asked in the SSB and will help you practice the right trick to clear the test.

What is WAT in SSB?

WAT is the acronym of Word Association Test, conducted in the Service Selection Board as a part of Officers Selection procedure. WAT Test is conducted on 2nd day of SSB i.e. Psychological Test. It is considered of 60 words which are displayed for 15 seconds each.

You are suggested to write the first thought about that word in your sheets. The number of attempts doesn’t make sure your selection. Instead its the Officer Like Qualities that you can derive from your WAT test.

Below are the word association test examples that will help you practice well for your upcoming SSB.

Word Association Test Examples For SSB

ABIDE – Ram train everybody to abide by the rules

ABILITY – Rohit always show the best of his abilities.

ABLE – A good ability reveals a good quality.

ABOVE – Respect for Parents is above all.

ABSENCE – Your work mark your presence in the group.

ABUSE – Harish stopped him from abusing a girl.

ACADEMY – Indian Military Academy is my aim.

ACCEPT – He accepted the mistake he committed.

ACCIDENT – The application of traffic rules prevents accidents.

ACCOMPLISH – Work till the task is accomplished.

ACCUSE – A good leader always praise his team.

ACHIEVE – He is doing hard work to achieve his aim.

ACTION – Police took a strict action against the criminal.

ADAPTABILITY – Sham has adaptability that he can adjust himself with

ADMIRE – Admiring others for good deeds bring them closer to us.

ADULTS – Education helps eliminate the orthodoxy of the company.

AFFECTION – I am affectionate to nature.

AFRAID – An officer is never afraid of a sudden attack.

AGAIN – Practice time and again improves performance.

AGGRESSION – Aggressive behaviour sometimes helps in solving problems.

AGREE – I made them agree on my view of planting more trees in the town.

ALCOHOL – Drinking water is essential for public health.

ALL – All citizens are responsible for the training.

ALONE – When alone, books give good company. Young only brings changes in society

AMBASSADOR – Pt Nehru was an ambassador of peace.

AMBITION – To achieve his ambition he did a lot of hard work.

ANIME – Stimulus motivates people, to improve performance.

ANNOY – He doesn’t get annoy with situations.

ANXIOUS – A calm person never shows anxiety.

ARCHITECT – Architecture is the play of the imagination.

ARGUMENT – Ideas promotes good reasonable argument.

ARMY – Indian army is well disciplined.

ASSIST – A good leader helps his superiors with respect.

ATHLETE – Sports helps to win the game.

ATOM – India is using its atomic energy for peaceful purposes.

ATTACK – Indian soldiers are trained hard for attack on enemy.

ATTEMPT – Right attempt leads to success.

ATTRACT – Army uniform always attract everyone.

AVERAGE – average people to achieve glory with continuous efforts.

AVOID – Proper planning prevents suffering.

AWARD – Capt Vikram Batra was awarded with PVC.

BA – The status of the acquisition of experience.

BALLOT – plays an important role in democracy.

BARRERA – Large population is an obstacle to development.

BEAT – After beating world champion he won the gold medal.

BEAUTY – Nature is given with beauty.

BEGGAR – Social workers work for lifting beggars.

BEGIN – Well begin is half done.

BEHAVE – He behaves like a mature person.

BILATERAL – India is improving bilateral relations with Pak / China.

BLIND – A good leader creates blind faith in his followers.

BLUFF – Truthfulness overcomes a bluff.

BOLD – An army soldier is bold.

BOMB – Bombings of Hiroshima / Nagasaki were inhuman act.

BOOK – Book fairs attract people from various fields

BOREDOM – removed by engaging experience.

BORROW – Us borrowing is good brains from India.

BOTHER – People mature keep everyone happy.

BRAND – Timely decisions help career.

BRAVE – Brave men build society.

BREAK – He won the swimming competition by breaking a record.

BRIDE – Taking and giving bribe is moral crime.

BRIEF – Army officers take quick and correct decision.

BRIGHT – Future is

BROTHER – globalisation helps in establishing a feeling of brotherhood.

CALAMITY – Tsunami was great calamity.

CALL – Rights groups call against injustice.

CALM – Calm and cool people gain another “s heart.

CANNOT – What cannot be achieved if you have determination

CAPABLE – continued efforts to increase capacity.

CAPACITY – Bhakra dam has capacity of producing a huge amount of

CARE – take care of your health.

CAREFUL – I am very careful for my health.

CARELESS – Regular practice overcomes carelessness.

CASUAL – Attitude hurts success.

CHALLENGE – Rahul accept challenges.

CHANCE – Chance favours those who take initiatives.

CHARACTER – Good character decide the destiny of a man.

CHARACTER – He is having good character in the society.

CHILDISH – Maturity overcomes childish behaviour.

CHILDREN – Priceless active parents.

CINEMA – Nowadays cinema is very helpful in the field of education.

CIRCUMSTANCES – He is capable of adjusting himself with the circumstances.

CLASS – He is monitor of his class.

CLEAN – The systems provide better service.

COEDUCATION – Co-education improves understanding between two sexes.

COLLEGE – College life improves the personality of a person.

COMMAND – He has good command over his language.

COMPANY – Ram keeps a company of good friends.

COMPLETE – He completed his task within given time.

COMPOSE – I have composed many good gazals.

CONDEMN – The entire nation strongly condemned terror attack on India embassy

CONDUCT – making environmental awareness campaigns increases.

CONFIDENCE – Arnav is full of confidence.

CONFUSE – Even worse situation did not confused him.

CONFUSED – Determined persons never get confused.

CONGRATULATIONS – Congratulating others in their success motivated to do well again.

CONS – The government is working against polio and hepatitis b.

CONTACT – Good people.

CONTINUE – Continue hard work gives a better result.

COOPERATE – To others.

COSMONAUT – Kalpna Chawla was a great cosmonaut.

COUNTRY – I love my country.

CRIMINAL – Criminals are usually reformable.

CRITICISM – Healthy criticism boosts the confidence of a person.

CRITICIZED – Positive criticism improves performance.

CROWD – A leader emerges from the crowd.

CRUEL – Cruelty Hitler led to World War II.

CRY – A brave man never cries in adversity.

CULPABLE – Brought to justice by law.

CUP – Life is a cup of joy.

CURIOSITY – Curiosity adds to knowledge.

CURIOUS – He was very curious to learn English.

CUSTOMS – Customs are the mirror of a society.

DANGER – Even the mountain was danger although he scaled.

DEATH – Bhagat Singh is still alive even after his death.

DEATH – The brave soldier died as a martyr “s.

DECIDE – India and china have decided to improve their relations.

DECISION – He took right decision.

DEFAULT – Gives the opportunity to repair the defects.

DEFEAT – Defeat the enemy with full enthusiasm.

DEFENCE – Strong defence always saves.

DELAY – Infrastructure was not delayed to the victim of earthquake.

DEMAND – Talented people always needed.

DESIGN – Chandigarh was designed by le Corbusier.

DESIRE – He has a strong desire of becoming an army officer.

DETERIORATE – Illiteracy progress of a country‘s deteriorating.

DEVELOP – He has developed many good qualities.

DEVELOP – Youth plays a crucial role in the development of the country.

DIALOGUE – Is the only solution to problems such as Kashmir.

DICTATOR – Democracy is the answer to the dictatorship.

DIFFICULT – Strong people face difficulties with courage.

DIRECTOR – Take institution to great heights.

DISASTER – Disaster management effectively minimizes damage in a calamity.

DISCIPLINE – He is very disciplined.

DISCOURAGING – The coach encouraged the team to win the game.

DISCUSS – Discussion always carries new ideas.

DISLIKE – A good student never dislikes books and novels.

DISTANCE – Distance education is a forwarding step toward literacy.

DIVERSITY – Diversification of crops is beneficial to cultivate good

DUTY – duty and responsibility go together.

EASY – India made a easy win over Pakistan.

EFFICIENCY – The stimulus that motivates people to improve performance.

ELDER – It is the best source of inspiration.

EMPTY – Heavy rainfall fills up the empty lakes.

ENCOURAGE – Encourage the spirit of patriotism among people.

ENEMY – Lively people have many friends.

ENJOY – He enjoyed the hockey match.

ENTICING – Of course people convince others easily.

ESCAPE – Braves don “t escape difficulties.

EVIL – Dowry is a social evil.

EXAM – Exam is the test of the skill of a student.

EXCUSE – Instead of finding excuses he does he duty.

FAIL – A failure gives new courage to go further.

FAILURE – Teach us.

FAMILY – He lives in joint family.

FAMOUS – Abdul Kalam is very famous among children.

FATHER – Father is the role model of the family.

FATIGUE – A motivated person never gets fatigued.

FAVOURITE – Dr. Abdul Kalam is the favourite of all Indians.

FEAR – The good people are not afraid of adversity.

FEARFULNESS – Experience dispenses fearfulness.

FELLOW – The trust and understanding is the relationship between peers.

FIGHT – Final boxing fight was very interesting.

FILM – Documentary films educate the masses.

FIRING – Continuous firing creates fear among enemies.

FLOWER – Relaxes and refreshes the interior.

FOCUS – Focus gives positive always positive.

FOLLOW – Command and control provides proper obedience to orders.

FORCE – India air force one of the best air force in the world.

FREEDOM – Right of religious freedom is one of the fundamental rights.

FRIEND – Support of friends understands the other.

FUTURE – The future of space research in India is very bright.

GALLANT – He was awarded with gallantry award.

GALLANT – Gallant mountaineers climbing the peak of success.

GAME – Indian hockey team showed a good spirit of game.

GANDHI – Gandhi has earned the respect of fellow countrymen and others too.

GIRL – It is equal opportunity for the development of society.

GIVE – Good people give good habits.

GO – India has risen to great heights in the it field.

GOOD – Good habits are inculcated through practice.

GOVERNMENT – Government has put his attention to improve status of sport.

GREAT – Netaji was a great leader and organizer.

GREEDY – A sacrificing person is never greedy.

GUARD – Defence forces guarding the border that complete devotion.

GUIDE – Books and novels are best guides for human beings.

GUILT – They blamed us Saddam having weapons of mass destruction.

GUY – Deepak is a guy who is having good qualities.

HAPPY – Meeting of friends brings happiness

HARD WORK – he did hard work for his exams.

HARMFUL – Proper medication overcomes harmful side-effects

HASTE – he is not hasty.

HAZY – His eyes are very sharp that he can read even a hazy picture.

HEAD – Range and responsibility go together.

HELP – He help the old man to cross the road.

HERO – Every soldier is a hero of our country.

HESITATE – He kept his matter before the teacher without hesitation.

HOLIDAYS – Helps keep the mind relaxed.

HOME – Learning begins at home.

HONEST – Honesty is the best policy.

HONESTY – Good citizen’s honesty.

HOPE – Hope sustains life.

HOUSE – A united house is the strength of the family.

HUMBLE – He is humble to other.

HUMOR – Keeps us healthy.

HUNGER – A meritorious student always feels hungry for knowledge.

HUSBAND – A husband respects his wife.

IDENTIFY – Identify the people before entering them into the unit..

ILLITERATE – Literacy bring prosperity to society.

IMAGINATION – Imagination is as valuable as intelligence.

IMPORTANT – Navin made all the important notes for his exams.

IMPOSSIBLE – Nothing is, if we make proper approach.

INDEPENDENCE – India got independence on 15 Aug 1947.

INDICATION – Great facts are noticed by all.

INFLUENCE – He influenced each and everyone in the meeting by his speech.

INITIATIVE – India always take initiative for peace dialogue with PAK.

INJUSTICE – He doesn’t believe in injustice.

INSULT – He respects his elders.

INSURE – Always insure the responsibilities.

INTELLIGENT – Everybody became intelligent by hard work.

JEALOUS – Love overcomes jealousy.

JOB – Army is a right job for my career.

JOKE – Create light moments in life.

JOURNAL – Improving knowledge.

JOY – I joy each moment of my life.

JUMP – Jumping improves stamina.

JUNIOR – Nothing is senior junior when you are playing game.

JUSTICE – Natural justice is based on the truth.

KILL – Terrorist were killed.

KNIFE – Used to cut the vegetable.

LAUGHING – Laughter therapy is a new trend to come out from anxiety.

LEAD – Ram was leading his team in swimming competition.

LEADER – Bhagat Singh was a dynamic leader.

LIFE – Life is full of joy and sorrow.

LITERACY – Literacy gives a hand to their neighbours.

LIVELY – Living with lively mood.

LOAD – Load joy facilitates loading.

LOGIC – Logical ideas are welcomed by all.

LONELY – Simple pleasure of life overcomes loneliness.

LOSE – Shared knowledge is not knowledge lost.

LOVE – I love my country.

LOYAL – To others.

LUCK – He believes in hard work than depending upon luck.

MACHINE – Computer is a machine, which makes our work easy.

MAD – Fanaticism is crazy-making

MAIN – India joined hands with others to fight against terrorism.

MAINTAIN – Rajinder maintains his daily diary.

MAKE – Good friends.

MANAGE – An officer always manages order and discipline even in worst conditions.

MEET – He met the president after winning medal in Olympic

MEETING – Meeting regularly creates better understanding

MEND – Mending fences improves relations with neighbours

MERIT – Hard work leads a student to merit.

MIND – By using his mind he tackled the situation.

MIX – He is capable to mixing himself according to the situations.

MODEL – He is the model for students.

MODERN – Modern weapons are very useful.

MORALITY – He filled morality among soldiers before going to war.

MOTHER – It is an embodiment of faith and sacrifice.

MOTIVATION – Gandhi became the motivation, success.

MOVEMENT – High morale gives a boost to the goal.

MURDER – Murdered was given death sentence.

MUST – Every wrong must be punished.

NATION – We love our nation.

NEED – Motivates a man to hard work.

NOBEL – Prize was given to Ravindernath Tagore for literature.

NOTE – Good writing always respected.

OBEDIENCE – Obedience to authority shows discipline and punctuality.

OBJECT – Keep your object in your mind while preparing.

OLD – Old Hindi songs are very melodious.

OPPORTUNITIES – Wiseman always made good use of the opportunities.

ORDER – I followed the order of my senior.

ORGANIZE – Youth organized a free medical camp in the city.

OTHERWISE – India is home to different cultures yet unified.

OVERCOME – We can overcome obstacles with determination.

MISSILE – Pak missile borrowed from china / North Korea.

PAY – He paid his attention toward SSB.

PEACE – War is fought for peace.

PERSISTENCE – Persistent hard work in the right direction brings positive results..

PICTURE – Pictures in the gallery were very beautiful.

PLAN – Plan your projects.

PLAY – He plays good karate.

PLAYGROUND – India has made a number of good playgrounds for hockey.

PLEASURE – It’s my pleasure to help you.

PORT – Good habits drive a long way in life.

POSSIBLE – Right effort make everything possible.

POWER – India is emerging as a new world power.

PRAISE – Suresh praised the job done by his subordinate.

PRECAUTION – Precautions are necessary during birth of a child.

PREPARE – He prepared himself best for his play.

PRICE – Hard work is its own reward.

PRINCIPLE – Rohit is the man of principle.

PROBLEM – Always face with daring.

PROGRESS – India is doing steady progress in every field.

PROTECT – Ozone layer protects from ultra violet rays.

PROVIDE – Basic education to the children.

PUMP – Vast population acts as a nomenclature.

PUNISH – He was punished for his mistake which he committed.

PUZZLE – Puzzle opponents with flawless plan.

QUALITY – Quality matter instead of quantity.

QUESTION – I solved the questions which were given to me.

QUICK – He can take quick decision.

QUIET – Gandhi ji began quit movement in 1942.

RAPE – Rape is a crime.

REACH – Capt. Batra reaches the value of his mission.

READ – Reading improves knowledge.

RECOGNITION – Great facts are always recognized.

REGRET – He did not regret on his decision..

REGULAR – He go to his class regularly.

RELAX – Games give us relax.

RELIGION – India is a country of multi religions.

REMOTE – Friends Company eliminates distance.

RESISTANCE – Regular exercise increases endurance.

RESPECT – We respect our freedom fighters.

RESPONSE – A quick response is always appreciable.

RESPONSIBLE – For your duties.

REST – Rest and hard work go hand in hand.

RESTORE – He restored the data of CPU before formatting.

RESULT – He was expecting his result with distinction.

REVENGE – India played against Pakistan with revenge less game spirit.

REVIEW – Test preparation

REVOLUTION – bring a change.

RIGHT – It is the confidence of many cultures.

RIGHTS – Rights and duties are co-related

RIGID – Indian constitution is not rigid.

RISK – Calculated risks always help a person to get success.

ROOMS – After the hard work; it gives relief.

RULE – He ruled the heart of the people.

SACRIFICE – Many soldiers has sacrificed their life for their motherland.

SAD – A company of friends overcomes sadness.

SAVE – The tree.

SCORE – High scores show high achievement.

SECRET – He kept the secret document in safe custody.

SELF – Confidence helps to overcome the difficulties in the beginning.

SELVA – It is home to flora and fauna.

SENSIBLE – Ram is very sensible.

SERIOUS – Poverty is a serious problem.

SERVICE – He won a gold medal in service games.

SHY – He did not shy to keep his plan before his friends.

SICK – Although he was sick, he appeared in his exam.

SIMPLE – Simple living and high thinking.

SINCERE – With others.

SINGLE – War is won with a team not single.

SISTER – My sister is good at English.

SLEEPY – A duty conscious person never feels sleepy on duty.

SNAKE – Snake poison is used in snake bites.

SOCIAL – Man is a social animal.

SOCIETY – Rahim has good image in the society.

SOLDIER – Every soldier is a hero.

SOLITARY – He is not a person who believes in solitary.

SOLUTION – Solution of a problem is a work of wisdom and intelligence.

SOLVE – He solved the sum.

SORROW – Joy always overcomes sorrow.

SORRY – He felt sorry for mistake he committed.

SPACE – Sunita William made a record of living highest number of days in

SPORT – sport helps to build strength.

STEP – He took first step toward success.

STOP – Your bad habits.

STRENGTH – Strength is the result of unity.

STRONG – Children are the base of a strong nation.

STRUGGLE – To achieve his goal.

STUDY – He is studying hard.

SUBORDINATE – Rahim respect the advice of his subordinates.

SUCCESS – Success is the fruit of hard work and perseverance.

SUICIDE – Is a crime

SUPPORT – he supported the victim of accident.

SYMBOL – Symbol of discipline.

SYMPATHY – He expressed his sympathy and financial help to the victim.

SYSTEM – Systematic approach makes the job easier.

TACKLE – He tackled the situation sincerely.

TAPEWORM – Friends Company exceeds effectively.

TEACHER – A teacher makes a student a perfect person.

TEAM – Team work increases productivity.

TEMPER – Yoga helps to control temper.

THANK YOU – Thanking people cost nothing.

THIEF – Police is there to arrest thieves.

THINK – Imagination improves thinking.

TIME – Make the best use of your time.

TIP – Cheating does not give long-term result

TIRED – hard work doesn’t make him tired

TOMORROW – today’s children are tomorrow’s future.

TOUGH – He is tough enough to scale a mountain.

TRAIL – He trailed new rifle.

TRAINING – Training of an army soldier is hard to make them strong.

TRAVEL – Traveling gives us knowledge.

TRUST – People trust him.

TRUTH – Truth overcomes all odds.

TRUTH – Always speak the truth.

TRY – Serious attempts to ensure good results.

UNABLE – His nature makes him enable to participating with the antisocial

UNDERSTANDING – friendship in the basis of mutual understanding.

UNIFORM – The pride and unity.

UNION – Mutual understanding brings unity to a computer.

UPPERMOST – Uppermost layer of earth is called crust.

UPSET – Even worse situation did not upset him.

USE – Always use dustbin for garbage.

VICTORY – Abhinav Bindra led his victory in Olympic with gold medal.

WAR – War is not the solution to human problems.

WARNING – Careful preparation keeps the bugs away.

WASTE – He doesn’t waste his time.

WATCH – Watching science-fiction movies improves imagination.

WEAK – although he weak but bold.

WEAPON – India has invented a number of new weapons.

WIFE – He loves his wife.

WILLING – Thomas was willing to join army to serve his country.

WIN – Honesty earns respect.

WISDOM – He saved the child from burnt house by using his wisdom.

WITHDRAWN – Pakistan withdrawn his troops for the border, when Indian soldiers

WOMEN – women always deserve respect.

WORK – Is worship.

WORRY – He has done a lot of hard work that’s why he is not worried for

WORSHIP – India is a home to different religions and beliefs.

WRESTLING – Wrestling makes life exciting experience.

WORRY – Hurry up and bring only concern diseases.

YOUNG – Now a day younger are participating in various games.

YOUNG PEOPLE – Young artists are goal oriented.

YOUTH – Youth can by the construction company.

ZEAL – Play with zeal & josh.

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