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11 Tips To Write Brilliant TAT Stories In SSB

SSB (Service Selection Board), is an organization that assesses candidates for the Indian Armed forces. So, the Indian Armed forces (Army, Navy, Air force ) get their potential officers. SSB evaluates the suitability of candidates by using various scientific methods, TAT (Thematic Perception Test) is one of them. TAT helps in evaluating the psychology of candidates. So in this article, we are going to see 11 tips which really helpful for every defense aspirants.

Note: In TAT, a candidate writes 12 storiesCandidates will get 30 sec to view the picture and 04 min to write a story on each picture. The 12th one is a blank screen, and you are required to write any story from your own mind.

Point 1: First step is to properly analyze the background of the picture for example – PICTURE 1

TAT Sample Image

You can see in the picture that the background is of either classroom or lecture hall. This how you should analyze that what is going in the picture. You need to see the setting of the picture, e.g., marketplace, Mall, bank, rural, etc.

Point 2: Second step is to closely observe the foreground and see the number of characters in the picture like in pic 1; Five characters are there. Now it’s time to see that what they are doing/what they are doing.

Point 3: Now, It’s time to ask yourself which role suited me like. If you see in PICTURE 1, an individual can become a listener or an orator, depends what the individual thinks.

Point 4: In TAT, 4 minutes are given for writing one story, so one individual may not write more than 10 lines about it, So you should be very specific about what you are writing.

Point 5: Story must be in the past tense, and it should be positive, constructive, and not pre-conceived. The assessor sees your mental strength, as well as your imagination power.

Point 6: One should be very specific while choosing a character. Do not write anything; for example, as you saw in pic 1, it is seen in either lecture hall or classroom, so be very specific and should have a clear thought.

Point 7: Introduce your main character in one or two lines; the action of your story is of 5 or 6 lines, then in two-line, you can explain the outcome of the story. The action you write should reflect some responsibilities and social attitudes.

Note: Never forget to write the outcomes of the story.

Point 8: Your story gives the idea of your positive or negative frame of mind, Do practice the stories before going for the SSB and analyzing yourself. By practicing, you can get an idea of how much time you take because you get only 4 min in SSB.

Point 9: Do not depict the main character being an overly reward-seeking person. You can simply write “that your character is happy or satisfied by work.” Never write that your character gets awards for what he has done; this shows that you always seek rewards.

Point 10: The most important that do not to create the problem if it is not given like seen in the picture is of Mall do not consider that there is a bomb planted ( avoid creating the unnecessary problem)

Point 11: At last, I would say SSB is not a one-day task, It’s a lifestyle. If you are a positive and good person in your in real life, this will automatically reflect in your stories. So one should inculcate good habits and a healthy lifestyle in day-to-day practice and always be positive.

Utkarsh Gaur
HVAC design engineer have a knowledge of various software of design and drafting,1+ year experience of working in design field and additionally BIM segment.A defense lover who Love to explore and ready to learn and share new things.


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