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Why Armed Forces Flag Day is Celebrated Every Year

Every year, we celebrate the 7th of December as Armed Forces Flag Day in India. It is also known as the Flag Day of India. This day is devoted to collect the maximum fund for the welfare the armed force personnel of India. This is the day when the people of India come together to honor the martyrs of our country and all men in uniform who are always ready to serve the motherland. The Armed Forces Week is celebrated from 1st December to 7th December.

In our daily life where we are all the time busy in production operations, we forget the sacrifice made by the Indian Soldiers. There is not a single day in the year when we don’t hear about the loss of our soldiers. All the soldiers who are martyred and left their kids behind expect the government to support them. Flag day is celebrated as the sole way to help the kids and children of our martyrs or other soldiers who are not able to serve the nation anymore.

History of Armed Forces Flag Day

Soon after Independence, Indian government felt the need to support the defence personnel. For that on 28th August 1949, the setup a committee, headed by then Defence Minister and initiated the celebration of Flag Day on 7th of December. That time, the motto of celebrating the day was to distribute small flags encompassing all the three services and collect some fund in return.

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With the passage of time, Flag Day starts getting significance as the citizens realized their responsibility towards the armed forces personnel who turned disabled or laid their life for the nation.

In 1993, the Armed Forces Flag Day Fund (AFFDF) was established to provide support to disabled ex-servicemen, children of martyrs, war widows, and other such needy people who need care and support from the citizens of India.

Importance/Significance of Armed Forces Flag Day

The main reason behind celebrating 7th December as Flag Day is to cover three purposes that include:

  • Rehabilitation of battle casualties
  • Welfare of serving personnel and their families
  • Resettlement and welfare of ex-servicemen and their families

As a mark to salute the valor and courage of Indian Soldiers, all the three forces, Indian Army, Indian Navy, Indian Air Force execute multiple dramas, carnivals and other programs to entertain the general audience. In all their presentations, they ensure the people about security of the nation and every citizen.

How is Flag Day Celebrated

To make common man recall the sacrifices and efforts made by the Indian armed forces, a special flag is distributed among general people for whom some fund is asked from the citizen of India. Everyone is free to make donations according to their will and be a part of increasing Flag Day Fund.  Dedicated as a special day, the Indian Armed Forces Flag Day in India is observed on December 7, every year.

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The special flag distributed on Flag Day includes three colors i.e. red, deep blue and light blue. These three colors represent three services that work together to protect the country and its people via air, sea and land medium.

Some Armed Forces Flag Day Facts

  • Initially, a committee was setup on 18th August 1949 to deliver support for the military personnel of three forces. The committee was headed by then defence minister.
  • In 13 April 1993, four multiple welfare schemes were gathered together to build up Flag Day Fund
  • Every year nearly 60000 Defence personnel are compulsorily retired (including all three forces). AFFDF is used to support those defence personnel.
  • On 7th December, a two-minute silence is observed at 11 AM to serve your honor to the martyrs.

About Kendriya Sainik Board

The Flag Day Fund is collected with the help of local arms of Kendriya Sainik Board. The Kendriya Sainik Board comes under Ministry of Defence. Both officials, as well as non-official means, are used to raise maximum fund on Flag Day.

Prior to the building of Flag Day Fund, there were multiple welfare schemes that include:

  • Amalgamated Special Fund for war bereaved, war disabled and other ESM/serving personnel
  • Armed Forces Flag Day Fund
  • Dunstan’s (India) and Kendriya Sainik Board Fund
  • Indian Gorkha Ex-Servicemen’s Welfare Fund.

On 13 April 1993, all these funds were merged into one fund that was finally named as Armed Forces Flag Day Fund.

How to do Armed Forces Flag Day Donation

We know that efforts made by the State as well as central government are insufficient to support the disabled, non-pensioners and old people who belong to the Indian armed forces. So, it’s a hardcore responsibility of every citizen to make their contribution that can help the government in offering care and support to the beneficiaries.

Armed Forces Flag Day Fund Donation Details

For all those who are willing to donate some amount to Kendriya Board Sainik Secretariat, below is the essential information:

With every Flag Day fund deduction, you make a step forward towards being a responsible citizen of this country. This is the only day throughout the year, when you can find the way to be a part of helping hand for the disables, martyr personnel and their families in rehabilitation and offering them their status.

The celebration of Armed Forces Flag Week doesn’t mean that we can forge our brave soldiers for the rest of the year. We are all safe and protective in our homes only because of the soldiers. There is a famous quote:

Our nation is safe because Indian armed forces are protecting our borders.

We All Salute Indian Armed Forces

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