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Celebrating the Success of Operation Trident as Indian Navy Day

Every year, 4th December is celebrated as Indian Navy Day. This day is celebrated to mark the success of Operation Trident which was held between India and Pakistan in the year 1971. Since the birth of Indian Navy, it has served the nation via Air and sea to protect the country from unwanted intruders and unnatural activities within the country.

Every year, Indian Navy celebrated the Indian navy day with full enthusiasm and zeal to serve their tribute to the success of Operation Trident.

What is Indian Navy Day History

On the occasion of Indian Navy Day 2017, Indian Navy will be celebrating the 46th Indian navy day. On this day, Indian Navy successfully carried out a sea-based attack on the Karachi harbor which results in heavy casualties on Pakistan end. However, there were no causalities reported by Indian Navy. The operation was so hard that within just 90 minutes, Indian navy was successful in destroying multiple destroyers, oil tanks and ammunition storage ships of Pakistan navy.

Since then, every year, Indian Navy celebrated 4th December as Indian navy day and Indian Navy Day celebration is carried out at different Naval ports.

About Indian Navy Day Celebration

On the occasion of Indian Navy Day, Western Naval Command brings all their ships and sailors to celebrate this day. The Indian Navy Day in Visakhapatnam is celebrated where all the activities are conducted by the Eastern Naval Command. Here, the wreath-laying ceremony is held at Ramakrishna Mission Beach war memorial. This is then followed by the operation demonstration that focuses to show the power, potential, and resourcefulness of Indian Navy vessels. At the Indian Navy Day celebration, many naval aircrafts also display their flying skills.

Watch Indian Navy Motivational Video

The Indian navy has offered countless soldiers to the nations who are serving the motherland. And all this starts with a strong motivation to join Indian Navy. If you still want to get inspired to be a part of Indian navy, watch one of the motivational videos of Indian Navy.

Some Information about Operation Trident (1971)

On 3rd December, just when the India Pakistan war was on the move,  Indian Navy Chief Admiral SM Nanda planned to hit Pakistan. He with his men planned Karachi harbor attack 1971. The major task for Indian Navy was to expel all the ammunition of Pakistan and disconnect Karachi from East Pakistan. This complete action plan was headed by three (3) Missile boats including INS Nirghat, INS Nipat and INS Veer. Each of these warships was mounted with 4 Styx missiles (75 Km range), 2 anti-submarine corvettes (INS Kiltan and INS kathchall) along with the INS Poshak (a fleet tanker).

This complete operation was named Operation Trident and Commander Babru Bhan was the person to head the operation against Pakistan.  The proposed plan was to Strike by Night that will not let the Pakistan forces to prepare for the response.

All the pre-planned strategy worked really well and commander of warships led their men with courage. The Pakistan Naval team was late to identify the attack and hence felt heavy causalities. On the other hand, Indian navy team returned back to Bombay Harbor without a single causality. Operation Trident was one of the finest operations executed by the Indian navy. And since then, Operation Trident success was marked as Indian Navy Day on 4th December.

Who Was the Founder of Indian Navy [Short History of Indian Navy]?

Maratha Emperor, Chhatrapati Shivaji Bhosle is considered to be the father of Indian Navy. But the organization of Indian Navy can be learned from the history during Chola era, where Raja Raja Chola ruled the country and build his own Navy.  The presence of Indian navy can also be seen during the Maratha period when Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj established the Naval Force to protect the sea line of the south India. At that time, he inducted ships which were installed with cannons.

During the period of British East Indian Company tenure in India, they introduced the small Navy when he encountered Portuguese in the battle of Swally.

Inspirational Story of Major Shaitan Singh, Param Vir Chakra

During the First World War, there was a heavy need for transportation to France, Africa, and Mesopotamia via sea channel. At that time, the Royal Indian Marine played an important role and came into limelight.

Even during Second World War, the Royal Indian Marine was renamed as Royal Indian Navy (RIN). At that time, there were only eight (8) warships inducted into the Navy. All the warships were prefixed with HMIS that states ‘Her Majesty’s Indian Ships’.

After the independence of Royal Indian Navy in 1947, it was split between two nations. On 26th January, when India became republic, the Royal Indian Navy was given the name of “INDIAN NAVY”, with all its ships designated as Indian naval Ships (INS).

Since decades, Indian Navy has been serving the coastal lines of our nation with high zeal and incomparable passion. Their dedication to their job and love for their service is highly appreciable.


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